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KC 97 "KC 97 just saw the note u wrote on my wall about complaining about your slow play, some gentleman you are... seems to me u say and do what u want and if anyone complains about u, well nuff said about u, u let people curse each other and slow play all the time.... Phizz is num 1 where is his threat? "
by oilcandude
Sunday September 12, 2021
lomas ""
by "pebble"
Wednesday September 8, 2021
Delboy71 ""
by Delboy71
Friday September 3, 2021
Hellisha "Kotka foreverrrr :) Kiva puhuu sinua"
by victorinus
Wednesday September 1, 2021
TLP "Horrible."
by Big Al Rogorson
Friday August 27, 2021
No_Maam ""
by KC 97
Friday August 13, 2021
gnice37 " first str8 flush Greg, in your regards"
by HottShott
Saturday August 7, 2021
Ryan "fix the lag please. "
by unskilled
Friday July 23, 2021
Phizz "Remains a disruptive menace despite being warned countless times and banned twice. Still maliciously uses maximum time for each decision. Ruins any table he is playing at. Worse than all the trolls and bingo players combined. This account should be permanently banned and his IP blocked from ever playing on this site again."
by unskilled
Monday July 19, 2021
IsisBoy "as you said bellow and i quote "So fucking tiresome""
by "pebble"
Wednesday July 14, 2021
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