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All In Pimp ""
by Lalita Lani
Wednesday March 22, 2023
madness14 "happy belated birthday, mad. luv u much."
by Lucman
Monday February 20, 2023
Created "Pro-Bro! :)"
by Aleksa_bre
Friday February 17, 2023
LarsBar "Shouldn't have called you an idiot. Calling me a bluffer is one thing, calling me a liar is not cool. Was willing to drop 100k on. you and flat out told me I was a liar. Pretty disappointed hey. "
by Created
Thursday February 16, 2023
gnice37 "Hey mate, cheers for helping keep this site running you legend"
by Created
Sunday February 12, 2023
by Lalita Lani
Friday February 10, 2023
DrRich "Thoughts are with you and your family at this very sad time. When you are ready to return to the gpokr family and drive us nuts with your not so funny jokes we will look forward to it."
by Time To Be Nice
Wednesday February 8, 2023
hatenigger ""
by NardSausage
Tuesday February 7, 2023
JJacobs "was brought to my attention you were missing chips. i think you may have forgotten you played the 25k tournament (players evening tournament) on 2/3."
by gnice37
Saturday February 4, 2023
jk999 ""
by Lalita Lani
Friday February 3, 2023
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