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gogo6 "2nd warning for holding up play by running down timer and going away time losing play for a month"
by KC 97
Friday January 21, 2022
Brian younger ""
by Elrolfo
Thursday January 20, 2022
Lisdowney "Hi finally figured out my wall, lol,,I think I bought the house it was the old stage coach inn...But left there in 1998 and moved to the valley,,,small world "
by DorothyMae
Thursday January 20, 2022
camilopudopulus ""
by @VunnamRamu
Friday January 14, 2022
jump2one ""
by Ramu the hacker
Saturday January 8, 2022
kacha_cha "All I wanted to do was wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. cheers JR"
by J.R.21
Wednesday December 29, 2021
Mr._Fawlty ""
by elbbep
Tuesday December 14, 2021
tashabee "My heart full review, I saw so many times ur account, and I that time I want to play with u, want to know why you are not playing now, and talk with you, almost I got answers and played with u, thanks to you.... I did not expect that u will say hi to me... Crazy times "
by @VunnamRamu
Saturday November 27, 2021
Joe calzaghe. ""
by GolluM
Monday November 8, 2021
world class ""
by elbbep
Monday November 8, 2021
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