Newsletter, June 2015
I must complain the cards are ill shuffled until I have a good hand
~Jonathon Switft
Congrats lady boy on winning Gold in June!

This is lady boy's first gold, with $8,321,790. Silver goes to madein154vd, with $7,014,289 and Bronze goes to Yorkshire with $3,701,062. Great job to all three, and continued good luck in July!

News from R Dews
Fixing Lag

Getting rid of lag continues to the biggest feature request we have. We had fixed a couple bugs that cause lag in May and have been continuing to collect information on new bugs that cause lag. If you've bumped into lag please send me an email ([email protected]) with a description of the hand that you had lag in. This information is super helpful in identifying bugs that cause lag. Thanks for the help!

New mobile apps!

GPokr apps for iPhone and Android are now available!

go to app store

go to google play

New Sit and Go's

We received a lot of feedback about the Sit and go games not being worth the payout for the time put in. We've bumped the entry fee from $2500 to $5000. Here's the new payout structure:

2 player - 10k payout to 1st place only
3 player - 15k payout to 1st place only
4 player - 20k payout to 1st place only
5 player - 16,250 to 1st place / 8,750 to 2nd place
6 player - 19,500 to 1st place / 10,500 to 2nd place
7 player - 22,750 to 1st place / 12,250 to 2nd place
8 player - 20k to 1st place / 12k to 2nd place / 8k to 3rd place
9 player - 22,500 to 1st place / 13,500 to 2nd place / 9k to 3rd place

Page clean up

The bottom of the main page was starting to get out of date and confusing. We've cleaned this up by removing old links and highlighting new ones. Let us know if you'd like to see more changes like this.

Bug fixes

There are two notable bug fixes this month. First, those long error messages shown when you try to follow someone are now showing readable messages so now you know what's actually happening. Second, there was a bug in the mobile version of gpokr where you couldn't click on the checkboxes at the bottom to fold/check/call. Thats fixed now too! Let us know if there are any other bugs you'd like to see fixed.

Player of the Month Spotlight

MJT Is our Player of the Month Spotlight for July!

MJT came to GPokr in 2008 through a family member who thought she would like it, and she did. She is from the Netherlands, and loves her career as a Hospice Nurse. GPokr takes her away from the stresses of the job. She also loves to sew, and makes handbags in her spare time. (she has extras if anyone needs one!)

MJT says there are several players she enjoys playing with, two of them are Insane and Two Pines. When asked what she would change about GPokr, she said she would like to see some sort of fix for bad language in the chat. "Let it be a nice site for playing, it's just for fun." When she sees players getting mad about losing chips, she has to laugh. "They are silly to get mad on a game!"

Many thanks to MJT for being so dedicated, and for being an awesome GPokr player! Good luck at the tables!

Tip of the Month

In order to succeed in holdem, you need to keep your cool. Never let the acts of other players get to you. So your opponent hit his three-outer on the river - it happens. If bad players never managed to suck out they wouldn't play at all. Some players also use trash talk as part of their strategy in an attempt to get you off balance. If things that happen at the table start to affect you, it's time to take a break.

GPokr Tips and Solutions Inspired by GPokr player Myerlyn(Greg Myers)

Inspired by GPokr player Myerlyn (Greg Myers)

Options at the bottom of every GPokr page

Leaderboard - Here you can view top 25 players of the month, career top players, and month archives. You can also view biggest hand and loss for the day. It also shows top win and loss, most busts and most refills of the month.

Tournaments - This is where you can view upcoming tournaments and view history of other tournaments.

Forum - Here you can post problems or issues that you are having, or general comments.

Membership - This is where you can purchase a membership for GPokr. You can also purchase a monthly boost here.

Search - You can search for a specific player here, or you can search your own account. You must type the entire name exactly. You can also view a player's profile by clicking their name.

Rules - This is a general rules page and also lists the advisors for gpokr. It shows you which advisor is on and at what table.

Help - This a general help section. It goes over the basics of gpokr and how the medals work. It was put together by a GPokr player.

Options to the right of the page under your name

Settings- (General) Add or change your avatar, turn sounds on and off, customize what you see at the tables. This is also where you load an avatar of your choice.

Settings-(Profile) Add a tag line, flag or something about yourself.

Settings-(Following) Add or remove people you follow. (friends)

Blocking an av or a player's chat:

To block a player's avatar, just click it.

To temporarily mute another player's chat, type the following into the chat box:
/mute player name

There is a space between mute and the player's name. The name must be typed exactly as it is, case sensitive. No one else will know that you have muted a player, this will last until one of you stands up.


Don't forget to visit the GPokr Facebook group page often to keep up with what's happening at GPokr. See what's going on with old friends, and make some new ones!

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