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marleys wrote
at 4:17 AM, Monday August 3, 2009 EDT
marleys shows [4s, As] for four Aces
massimetto19_77 shows [Qd, 7d] for a full house, Aces full of sevens
marleys wins main pot $3,650
marleys wins side pot $7,475
massimetto19_77 finishes the tournament 24th
marleys wrote
at 1:54 PM, Monday April 13, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [7h, 8h]
j187 calls
jewboy2 folds
IwannaSee raises $1,450
cesar1 calls
tijn86 folds
ginger1986 calls
Shane-Boi takes a seat
marleys raises $14,975
looser123 calls
j187 folds
ginger1986 calls
Dealing flop: [6h, 2h, Ah]
Dealing turn: [Kc]
Dealing river: [7c]
IwannaSee shows [5h, 4h] for a flush Ace high
cesar1 shows [Jc, 7s] for a pair of sevens
ginger1986 shows [Jd, 5c] for Ace high
marleys shows [7h, 8h] for a flush Ace high
looser123 shows [Kd, Qd] for a pair of Kings
marleys wins main pot $7,550
marleys wins side pot $4,236
marleys wins side pot $4,076
marleys wins side pot $10,050
IwannaSee stands up
cesar1 stands up
ginger1986 stands up
looser123 stands up
looser123 takes a seat
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