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TLP wrote
at 11:43 AM, Tuesday January 19, 2010 EST
Hi Cajun,

I write as myself not a mod to try and help you with your subscription to membership cancellations.

When you buy memebership it sets up as a subscription in your PayPal account paying out on the anniversary each year until cancelled. Probably be a good idea to login to your PP and check if any more are outstanding if you or CG had more than 1 member account and cancel any subsciptions so no further monies are taken.

With regard to a refund for monies already taken if you send an e-mail directly to Ryan he should sort it out for you as I think he rarely reads the forum.

He does get quite a number of e-mails I believe so I will post in the moderator forum for you asking him to look out for your e-mail.

I hope this helps and that CG is recovering from her recent ill health.

Best Wishes

TLP (Theresa)
JulesDogg wrote
at 6:50 PM, Sunday June 15, 2008 EDT
Cajun, Nice KT v JJ for a KKKTT v JJJKK, always good to play with you, good luck bro

; ')
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