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Life seems to continually offer poor hands.. but sometimes you can still win.
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merhoops wrote
at 2:52 PM, Saturday November 19, 2011 EST
Happy Birthday!!!
get her done wrote
at 10:32 PM, Friday November 18, 2011 EST
Happy Birthday Rhio... Hope you two are well.
merhoops wrote
at 3:45 PM, Friday November 19, 2010 EST
Happy Birthday!!!
vikkib33 wrote
at 2:38 PM, Monday February 1, 2010 EST
:( For last month sweets, v ul, you deserved one!

Here's hoping Feb is a wayyyyy better month in g and in ..... well you know!

Hope we can have lotsa laughs as usual as we are donating our chips :)

Love ya xoxox
vikkib33 wrote
at 6:48 PM, Saturday January 23, 2010 EST
(((((((((((((((((((((((rhiooooooooooooooooooooooo)))))))))))))))))))))) Loves you chickkkkkk xoox
the shed wrote
at 3:19 PM, Wednesday January 6, 2010 EST
Well done on medal hun.....you deserve it, you're a doll :) xox
TheCinders wrote
at 7:07 PM, Saturday January 2, 2010 EST
Love u Rhio! Happy new year! :D
TLP wrote
at 12:56 PM, Friday January 1, 2010 EST
Well Done Rhio!!! Happy New Year, I hope 2010 is a good one for you.
Delboy71 wrote
at 6:43 AM, Friday January 1, 2010 EST
Erioed anrhega i fyny ;-)

***Insane*** wrote
at 11:05 PM, Thursday December 31, 2009 EST
woohoo congrats rhio, no sweat. :o) good luck for the next month
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