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good at poker and football
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sniggers: i will report u Mr_poker_97: i'm not Mr_poker_97: report me sniggers: i am reporting u Mr_poker_97: even if i didnt say n..... Mr_poker_97: i dont care sniggers: raciset Mr_poker_97: 0 medals gpgt34: its ok snigg he has 415 refills LOLOLOLOL Mr_poker_97: ahahahahahahhahaha sniggers: i know the idiot Mr_poker_97: cause i play very day Mr_poker_97: 24 on 23 sniggers: all in all in like a noob Mr_poker_97: 24 hours on 24 Mr_poker_97: i play gpokr gpgt34: nerd? Mr_poker_97: and i refill moore then you Mr_poker_97: lol Pietpotllood is here sniggers: lol yup which means your an idiot Mr_poker_97: ryan is on this site Mr_poker_97: HAHAHA sniggers: i know i am talking to him now Mr_poker_97: your so funny Mr_poker_97: gay Mr_poker_97: cunt jk999 is here sniggers: nice i copy that Mr_poker_97: do it sniggers: done Mr_poker_97: every one says it Mr_poker_97: to me Mr_poker_97: but i dont cry like you Mr_poker_97: ooohoohohohwueeewueee Mr_poker_97: look he said cunt sniggers: i never have so learn some manners Mr_poker_97: oouuuweeee sniggers: u tramp Mr_poker_97: go cry to mommy Mr_poker_97: mom Mr-poker Mr_poker_97: said too me cunt sniggers: lol u silly little boy Mr_poker_97: and gay Mr_poker_97: ueeee sniggers: nope Mr_poker_97: bye and GL with your loosing career
sniggers on Monday August 23, 2010
a jumped up little shit that pokes his unwanted child nose into others buisiness!
"pebble" on Saturday May 15, 2010
link is right!.. he really thinks he is a good poker player.... but he isnt... !
4. on Wednesday February 10, 2010
obv not a good player
link4 on Wednesday February 3, 2010
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