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2012-07-11 newera is a chat jerk. All chat below is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ [Note: newera doesn't like the way another player is playing, but he is just crying, in his crude way, at having lost. I noticed that newera ONLY commented snidely on plays that went against HIM. That is, newera doesn't care about bad play unless HE LOSES; given his response, that makes him a juvenile chat jerk.] ---------- newera: fkn idiot ########## ---------- 3.14159: you do know it isn't for real money, right newera? ---------- newera: so we can play bshits? lol ---------- 3.14159: your sense of superiority is pathetically misplaced here ---------- 3.14159: this is NOT poker, dude ---------- newera: he is mad, he plays bs ---------- colin h: true ---------- 3.14159: then use it against him--don't be a chat jerk ---------- 3.14159: take his money, but don't be a chat jerk newera ---------- newera: vn hand ---------- newera: still think he is moron ---------- 3.14159: no, you want everyone to know you think he is a moron--which makes you a chat jerk ---------- newera: not ur busines ########## [Note: newera thinks it is okay for him to publicly (i.e. in chat) call people names, but he resents anyone else doing the same thing. newera's hypocrisy is not surprising.] ---------- newera has left ---------- 3.14159: it is--i am the sheriff here
3.14159 on Wednesday July 11, 2012
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