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I dont care if I loose on Gpokr, I have a life
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This player has been modded by the community

think kkm may have forgot to turn av back on, she can still remove if she wants to +changeAvatar gnice37 2:39 PM, Saturday December 12, 2015 EST
nope, sorry. Be blue for awhile. -changeAvatar -avatar kellykellymoore 3:45 PM, Wednesday October 21, 2015 EDT
you can now change avatars again. keep it clean or will remove it forever -avatar gnice37 8:59 PM, Tuesday January 6, 2015 EST
giving you avatar back, keep it clean, no problems or it will be removed forever +changeAvatar gnice37 8:53 PM, Tuesday January 6, 2015 EST
player agrees to play by the rules. +chat gnice37 4:54 PM, Tuesday September 23, 2014 EDT
harassing me..when i told him i could ban his accts -changeAvatar -chat KC 97 6:54 PM, Monday June 30, 2014 EDT
reinstated, new month, new start, keep it 'fun' not nasty please +changeAvatar +chat +play +post TLP 7:17 PM, Wednesday May 1, 2013 EDT
Pointless childish name calling abuse of a moderator isnt funny or clever, so you have the joy of being remuted for your childishness -changeAvatar -chat -play -post +re-register -avatar TLP 12:17 PM, Wednesday April 17, 2013 EDT
reinstated. Please have some respect when typing in chat, Thank you +chat TLP 4:30 PM, Thursday April 4, 2013 EDT
using the c word despite warning and ban on other account -chat -re-register TLP 6:02 PM, Saturday March 30, 2013 EDT

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I do not know what you think parkerlewis has done but I have found him entertaining. The mods as usual pick on people for little or no reason. no wonder this site keeps having fewer and fewer players.
RutttOh on Thursday April 18, 2013
fat cow on Thursday March 14, 2013
grump on Friday August 17, 2012
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