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Stoney63 wrote
at 11:09 AM, Friday May 19, 2017 EDT
Gregg, new player named assfucker123 been on & off all morning, calling ppl niggers, faggots, etc. still dont understand how someone can join with names like that, Stoney.
gnice37 wrote
at 10:32 PM, Friday May 5, 2017 EDT
Starting Hand
rudiger calls
_Z_ folds
gnice37 calls
brucefan2 folds
pierthr calls
Gone Away checks
Dealing flop: [4s, Ks, As]
pierthr checks
Gone Away checks
rudiger bets $200
gnice37 raises $1,600
pierthr folds
Gone Away folds
rudiger calls
Dealing turn: [Qs]
Dealing river: [2s]
rudiger shows [3c, Ad] for a flush Ace high
gnice37 shows [Js, Ts] for a straight flush Ace high
gnice37 wins main pot $3,700
21jumpstreet wrote
at 4:36 PM, Thursday February 18, 2016 EST
IDD wrote
at 8:49 PM, Friday February 12, 2016 EST
Hi Greg, Wanted to let you know that Horsie thought it might be humorous to say some very unflattering things to me on my Deprey account while we were playing on the freeroll at 8 pm 2-12-16. I did not respond but I am very upset and I hope and pray that he will be reprimanded for his actions. This was completely unprovoked. Thank you.
Deprey wrote
at 3:51 PM, Thursday February 4, 2016 EST
Hi Greg, Please update stats again, thanks
Deprey wrote
at 12:19 PM, Friday January 1, 2016 EST
Thanks Greg
Deprey wrote
at 6:12 AM, Friday January 1, 2016 EST
Hi Greg, problem with monthly stats again, 47 and 44. Thanks, Deprey.
Deprey wrote
at 12:14 AM, Tuesday December 1, 2015 EST
Greg, the monthly stats are wrong again this month, showing 47th on leaderboard and 50th on overview, thanks, Deprey.
gnice37 wrote
at 4:27 PM, Tuesday July 7, 2015 EDT

tomer24 wins main pot $700

Starting Hand

Dealing pocket cards: [Ah, Jh]


Green Envy folds

Green Envy sits in

gnice37 calls

smokegod folds

LedZep folds

tomer24 checks

Dealing flop: [Qh, Th, Kh]

tomer24 bets $200

gnice37 calls

Dealing turn: [Qd]

tomer24 bets $200

gnice37 raises $400

tomer24 calls

Dealing river: [Qs]

tomer24 bets $1,400

gnice37 raises $5,600

bluffer54 finishes the tournament 22nd

tomer24 calls

gnice37 shows [Ah, Jh] for a straight flush Ace high

tomer24 shows [2d, Qc] for four Queens

gnice37 wins main pot $12,900
gnice37 wrote
at 4:58 PM, Monday July 6, 2015 EDT
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