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Contest results!
Hi, all...the results of the contest are in! The winners will receive their choice of either 50,000 chips or a Membership.
Just a note about the judging- there were 7 different judges. I didn't vote. I chose some judges because they are new and didn't really know many ppl here, and others because I knew they would be fair. They submitted their choices without knowing who the other judges were, or who the other judges voted for. I took the 3 avatars with the most votes. Everyone got at least one vote, but these are the top three, in no special order.




Congratulations! Email me and let me know which prize you choose. Yarrrrr! =)

[email protected]
10 comments , posted by kellykellymoore at 10:18 AM, Sunday September 19, 2010 EDT
International Talk Like A Pirate Day Contest
For everyone (del) who just couldn't wait for the next annual Talk Like A Pirate Day Avatar Contest, it's here!!! This year will be a little different, with 5 GPokr player judges, and 3 Moderator judges. Depending on the number of entrants, there will be up to 3 winners. Prizes to be announced. Find the best and most original pirate avatar you can, or make one. No nudity, please..=) Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19... The contest ends on Sept 15th at 12am EST. Please post here with the avatar on your account. Good Luck and Have Fun!!!! Yarrrrrr!

Here's the official website...
60 comments , posted by kellykellymoore at 9:11 AM, Sunday August 29, 2010 EDT
Please list any bugs that you find or come across here with a link the the url .


63 comments , posted by These cards suck at 8:59 AM, Friday March 19, 2010 EDT
- minutes until refill bug
Hi all, occasionally a bug happens that shows you with - minutes to refill making you unable to sit. When this happens we post it on our advisor forum and Ryan does a server reset which seems to fix the problem.

Recently I advised a player to take the following actions and it cleared his problem.

Clear your temporary internet files, cookies etc, via Tools, Internet Options.

Log Out

Close the Browser window

Wait 2 minutes

Reopen an internet window and try again.

Hope it works for you too :) Good Luck at the tables!
40 comments , posted by TLP at 5:09 PM, Wednesday August 19, 2009 EDT
Next Steps
Everyone has been asking me to post something about what's next for the site. I'd like to start slowly addressing what are thought to be the sites major bugs. I'd also like to start doing small features on a regular basis.

So, to get me caught up on everything, please post you most important request for dev work here.

PS. Thanks for your patience. My job and family have taken quite a lot of my attention lately.
65 comments , posted by Ryan at 5:36 AM, Tuesday August 4, 2009 EDT
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