ccsis wrote
at 7:33 AM, Monday April 12, 2021 EDT
GOINGALLIN100: you're a snitch ccsis
GOINGALLIN100: snitches get stitches
ccsis: when someone is abusive in language yes i report it
GOINGALLIN100: language can't abuse

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Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 3:14 PM, Monday April 12, 2021 EDT
Got some cussin' fools!
unskilled wrote
at 4:02 PM, Monday April 12, 2021 EDT
This guy has paid for chips on the site before. I tried explaining this means Ryan has access to his real name and home address from paypal, and because of this it's a bad idea to threaten violence and murder here. He must want to be in prison.
wurstkilla wrote
at 11:47 PM, Monday April 12, 2021 EDT
Lol! Who is this I don't know this person.

And PayPal don't give merchants the personal info of customers so shut up unskilled and I said sorry about it...

Awwww CCSIS, did GOINALLIN hurt ur feelings this time...Get him chat banned too you snowflake . All three of you stop being instigators and mind ur own business
Sxl wrote
at 12:32 AM, Tuesday April 13, 2021 EDT
Unskilled the SJW rofl!

Snowflakes all around me.... LOL
john27 wrote
at 7:49 AM, Wednesday April 14, 2021 EDT
see Siouxlander is still a mouthy piece of shit after all these years!!

Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 12:47 PM, Wednesday April 14, 2021 EDT
Is profanity a big part of the Sioux culture?
Sxl wrote
at 3:39 AM, Thursday April 15, 2021 EDT
John27 shut up.
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