Totaly uncalled for!!!
KC 97 wrote
at 3:36 PM, Sunday May 2, 2021 EDT
the way some people act and say things on this site is going to STOP!! ive never banned so many accts since i started here as a mod...some have so much hate in their lives they think they can come here and take it out on others!! Its not happening anymore...i will ban people for obcene language at others and for threatening bodily harm to others..this is suppose to be a fun site where people can play cards and have conversations with all the ones who dont cause trouble,thank you,for those who think they can do what they want,you wont be playing here!!!

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unskilled wrote
at 4:41 PM, Sunday May 2, 2021 EDT
Until Ryan gives mods the ability to ban by IP and IP range this is going to continue endlessly. People like siouxlander can just keep creating new accounts after their old ones are banned.

Since Ryan abandoned this site a long time ago nothing is going to change.
"pebble" wrote
at 5:42 PM, Sunday May 2, 2021 EDT
correct m8
Time To Be Nice wrote
at 12:22 AM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
Firstly unskilled I thought you had given up on this site and left for another. Secondly in todays world it is hard to ban a player on ip as there are ways of changing your ip and blocking it and also misleading anyone they are from a different location even. So this is where the mods have the dirty job of the old days checking tables consistantly when certain people are on that are causing the trouble and watching to launch the attack so to speak.
unskilled wrote
at 1:53 AM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
I didn't say I was quitting mad just that I suggested another site people might like. People might want to think about alternatives given the state of this place. But I still come to gpokr for the community I still like and respect a lot of the people here, but I find it a hard place to play poker especially recently.
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