Diabolic behaviour
"pebble" wrote
at 6:21 PM, Sunday May 2, 2021 EDT
i would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to all the ladies on here, that have had to endure the foul discussing behaviour, i can assure you it is done by the few, i hope i speak for all players here who just come here for a bit of fun, and to play some gpokr lol. we don't need these idiots,but as i say most of us are decent people and are appalled by the venom of some of the attacks. good luck all.

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KC 97 wrote
at 6:48 PM, Sunday May 2, 2021 EDT
well said..thank you
Siandara wrote
at 5:38 AM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
Well said Gary gl on tables
ccsis wrote
at 2:01 PM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
Nicely put
@jambyjazz wrote
at 2:44 PM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
well stated
thank you
what did sioux say cant ind it...........
and who is what a low life creep!!!
myerlyn wrote
at 10:02 PM, Friday May 7, 2021 EDT
Request to Ryan to have a "Mute" option.I don't think the old version works anymore.
ccsis wrote
at 4:59 AM, Saturday May 8, 2021 EDT
mute option still works at least I have been using
/mute then the name of person you are muting
highly skilled wrote
at 1:45 PM, Saturday May 8, 2021 EDT
/mute only works until either you or them leave the table then it gets reset
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 9:10 PM, Saturday May 8, 2021 EDT
I only respect women, bcoz I love them a lot lol
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