to the clueless
*3* wrote
at 3:50 PM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
To you meanies accusing me of being this person talking about RAPE and other horrible things This is not my account!

I dont play here anymore, but I don't appreciate being accused of saying these things. I don''t know linda61 or dorothym, never had a problem with anyone here mainly kc97 and ccsis basiccaly.

This is Siouxlander. This person who is saying these things is not me and doesnt help that unskilled and others constantly say this is me when its not. I quit playing here. Just clearing these falsehoods up before I go!

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gnice37 wrote
at 4:34 PM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
this is not siouxlander doing this, it is another player....i hope this clears everything up and i am currently working to get this guy removed thru his internet provider
"pebble" wrote
at 4:50 PM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
it needs reporting to the police!!
gnice37 wrote
at 4:55 PM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
that is the next step pebs, but since the site is out of Canada, Ryan most likely will have to report this..his internet provider is aware and is checking w/ their legal department to see if there is anything they can do to help us out.
unskilled wrote
at 5:58 PM, Monday May 3, 2021 EDT
So there are two homicidal psychopaths now? Or did you leave your account accidentally sign in on your phone again? I don't believe one word of this.
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 7:25 AM, Wednesday May 5, 2021 EDT
Time To Be Nice wrote
at 9:02 PM, Thursday May 6, 2021 EDT
Unskilled, sioux maybe guilty of many things but I have never known him to disrespect females, and never would have said what he has in the past said to ccsis if he had known she was a female. Not justifying what he has said to anyone, he deserved to be muted banned from playing but if greg has confirmed it isnt him, it isnt. To be honest it sounds like another long time player that has done the same in the past.
myerlyn wrote
at 9:59 PM, Friday May 7, 2021 EDT
Why am I not shocked? LOL
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