kacha_cha: Bingo expert!
Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 11:06 AM, Monday August 9, 2021 EDT

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kacha_cha wrote
at 12:07 PM, Monday August 9, 2021 EDT
I enjoy, thanks :)

Well, I am glad that you are a big poker expert! No one forced you, you were player who first bet preflop. Even I folded that hand, guidi would beat your "great cards" with his pair 33. So, maybe you could go get life if you are not satisfy with Gpokr...
unskilled wrote
at 1:18 PM, Monday August 9, 2021 EDT
The shoes never lose
ccsis wrote
at 4:20 PM, Monday August 9, 2021 EDT
Trying to figure out why your are mad.
Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 4:27 PM, Monday August 9, 2021 EDT
Because that crap right there ain't poker.
ccsis wrote
at 4:01 AM, Wednesday August 11, 2021 EDT
Is there a book that you have written, I would like to read it. Are you a pro poker player I would like to follow you or observe you playing.
unskilled wrote
at 1:55 PM, Wednesday August 11, 2021 EDT
I don't mind kacha's call actually. It's not excellent from a poker theory point of view but it's not bad either.

Two important things to realize about gpokr tournies is how shallow the starting stacks are and how quickly the blinds increase. You start with 30bb and every 10 minutes the blinds double. This is a good format for a recreational poker site where people don't have much time to invest, but it forces players to gamble on mediocre hands. You can't afford to wait for good situations because you'll be blinded out very quickly.

Guidi's limp/shove in this format is typical of a small pair. Kacha correctly read this and called with two connected overcards, willing to gamble on a flip which is an acceptable move in a hyper-turbo format. Her call is mathematically correct if you she expected you to fold. She has 49% equity so is paying 1450 for a 49% chance of winning 3250.... A +EV gamble.

In the situation where you call it's -EV but not very much so. She has 30% equity, so is paying 1450 for a 30% chance of winning 4500. She would need 33% equity for it to be +EV.

Kacha's decision undoubtedly came from weighing these two outcomes and likely assigned you a high enough probability of folding to make her call profitable.

Your call with KQs is standard in this format. Actually I don't think anyone did anything wrong in this hand. The structure of these tournaments force high variance play.

Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 3:29 PM, Wednesday August 11, 2021 EDT
I think we need shovels.
camilopudopulus wrote
at 4:40 PM, Thursday August 19, 2021 EDT
Perro eres un experto matemático, no como el gato que es un simple jugador...déjalo en el sótano siempre...
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 10:13 PM, Thursday August 19, 2021 EDT
Every one think that I am big bingo player, watch this vedio, almost every player playing bingo.... All are bingo players....
Delboy71 wrote
at 11:27 AM, Friday August 20, 2021 EDT
I am not a bingo pla....HOUSE
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