opinions on what is a "suck"
muligan001 wrote
at 7:20 PM, Sunday August 29, 2021 EDT
in this hand, I already had the winning hand with a pair of kings.....I did not need the third king for the win.....would this be considered a suck even though i had the boss hand without the third king?

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muligan001 wrote
at 7:23 PM, Sunday August 29, 2021 EDT
i thought the definition of a suck is when a winning hand is obtained from "sucking" the winning card on the turn or the river.....beating out the opponents better hand in the end

opinions? learning
chronic wrote
at 7:39 PM, Sunday August 29, 2021 EDT
In poker, a "suckout" is a slang term for when somebody comes from behind to win a hand. In your example, that wasnt a suck out.
unskilled wrote
at 8:47 PM, Sunday August 29, 2021 EDT
PM1 uses "suck" to mean any time he loses a hand

aja wrote
at 8:35 AM, Monday August 30, 2021 EDT
I need help, i have $4,000 and i cant sit in $25/$50 table. You don´t have enough chips to sit here. Help please!
Sergeant Pepper wrote
at 5:57 PM, Monday August 30, 2021 EDT
Yeah, pokrman has no idea what it means. Just always says it.
chronic wrote
at 7:19 PM, Monday August 30, 2021 EDT
try joining a tournament, sometimes that will unlock you.
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