i for one welcome our taylor swift overlord
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 3:40 PM, Tuesday August 31, 2021 EDT
But also wouldn't mind starting a thread on his weaknesses heads up so that we can one day take him down

My impression is that he:
1. Overfolds to 3-bets preflop
2. Underbluffs third bullet overbets

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unskilled wrote
at 4:38 PM, Tuesday August 31, 2021 EDT
1 is a consequence of his high opening frequency. I feel he was opening somewhere between 70-80% of hands. I've never played much HU so I don't know if this is standard but something tells me it's not. It would seem the typical reaction would be to 3bet wider. But this is a very advanced player thinking several steps ahead of mortals like us. He likely expects and hopes that opponents will 3bet more, with overfolding being part of his plan.

If this player has an exploitable weakness it will take a large sample of hands to find it. He tends to only play at the top stake level he can, reducing the overall number of hands played and thus secrets revealed. In other words we're doomed.
W00PW00PW00P wrote
at 5:31 PM, Tuesday August 31, 2021 EDT
According to tank top man, 70-90% is correct. I think you're then supposed to defend against three bets pretty loosely too.
"pebble" wrote
at 3:51 AM, Wednesday September 1, 2021 EDT
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