hillian wrote
at 6:58 AM, Tuesday October 12, 2021 EDT
could someone have a look at his chats they are geting over the top

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RHX55 wrote
at 9:22 AM, Tuesday October 12, 2021 EDT
its juha, with another account sigh
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freemason666: 90 at age: â? â? â? 
freemason666: 60 at age: â? â? 
freemason666: 30 at age: â? 
playerdjmc is here
freemason666: Tattoos.
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Oldlee is here
freemason666: â?³ â?  â?? hats
freemason666: MMM and mmm are crowns
freemason666: Crown have rule
freemason666: I see
RHX55: looking for a chat ban juha?
freemason666: |X| (M)
freemason666: viking letter
freemason666: two flag
freemason666: border
RHX55: stop spouting jibberish here
freemason666: This not game?
RHX55: go to an empty table
playerdjmc: off his meds again
freemason666: Okay
freemason666: meds your bad karma
RHX55: you ask for it juha
freemason666: 2 : 1
freemason666: J I B B E R I S H
freemason666: You should thank me that
RHX55: i am warning you
freemason666: I go tell someone you play here dictator
RHX55: i will get you chat banned
freemason666: That intimidation
freemason666: free world
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RHX55: ask what others think
freemason666: no wsop to you
playerdjmc: No juha you have been babbling for days now on here
korak is here
freemason666: You have to understand I have right say what I want
RHX55: you are spamming the chat box with jibberish , that is harrassement
freemason666: I not there is rule book
freemason666: This is not spamming
RHX55: yes and you have been banned before
RHX55: and you will again
freemason666: Because first banned was illegal
RHX55: i am copping all the chat
freemason666: Be my guess
RHX55: and we will see
freemason666: It is civiled talk

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playerdjmc: no but it is constant and inane
freemason666: You are dum
freemason666: And child
RHX55: lol
RHX55: thats rich coming from you
playerdjmc: gigo
playerdjmc: dido
freemason666: I ask banned your accounts you TWO teasing me
RHX55: go away
freemason666 has left
RHX55: so, you call me dumb and a child.... and i am teasing you?
RHX55 wrote
at 6:21 AM, Friday October 15, 2021 EDT

freemason666: "loan"

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merhoops is here

merhoops is here

freemason666: 79 bridge as forbes is for best

Minchiaciow: ................

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freemason666 is here

freemason666: 55 players

freemason666: First round anywhere

freemason666: 2 players x 11 = 22 players

freemason666: Second round anywhere - 2 players (rich)

freemason666: 4 x 2 + 2 rich is TOP 10

freemason666: $25,000

freemason666: Stoled car "trash ton" $300

freemason666: Loans $300 / $600

freemason666: Casino cash games: $100 & $500

freemason666: $60 is $1,500 (30BB)

playerdjmc: juha you have been warned about this jibberish talk

freemason666: So you need here $125,000 pay back loan

JRBC is here

freemason666: $600 refill 10 x

freemason666: $300 refill 5 x

freemason666: 100 refill this month (two account)

freemason666: Unskilled 0 refill

freemason666: Made here $100,000

freemason666: Hot Shot also

freemason666: Underworld avatar

freemason666: With these survive

freemason666: "Sport"

merhoops has left

freemason666: Stealing is mistake

Minchiaciow is here

freemason666: This best to do based: 15 year

freemason666: No mistakes then

MrsGrendler is here

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MrsGrendler is here

MrsGrendler has left

freemason666: Whores simple dating system

freemason666: So, only question

freemason666: We take over some City?

freemason666: Or everyone different town?

playerdjmc has left

freemason666: $25,000 fast $50,000 EPT $75,000 what?
ccsis wrote
at 10:31 AM, Friday October 15, 2021 EDT
He told me he would come and cut my fingers off
KC 97 wrote
at 3:03 PM, Friday October 15, 2021 EDT
this has been dealt with
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