kacha slow play
oilcandude wrote
at 9:37 AM, Thursday August 11, 2022 EDT
why does this moron sign in for games and never seems to play a hand, slow play..... ruins the fun when some pos does that all the time

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bigdaddy3 wrote
at 12:17 PM, Thursday August 11, 2022 EDT
Oh yes because of this moronic person a lot of players in gpker have a suicide tendency, so please take care â?? and go all in always; good luck.
J.R.21 wrote
at 8:59 AM, Friday August 12, 2022 EDT
before you post , maybe you should find out why. you owe the lady an apology. It so happens she was taken to hospital just before the game started, and remember it is a game so out of her control. There are others that are perpetual pests. So it is a little inconvenient and a bit annoying, so what.
Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 9:17 AM, Friday August 12, 2022 EDT
She & her BINGO playing are a menace to GPokr.
Lucman wrote
at 4:14 AM, Saturday August 13, 2022 EDT
She's a nice person and she has the right to play however she wants.
oilcandude wrote
at 9:53 AM, Saturday August 13, 2022 EDT
now i got a fu from him/her/it what ever... so i suppose that's ok... ok lets see, is it gpoker and hang on or got to the hospital... give me a break... guess that hangnail got to be just too much
Big Al Rogorson wrote
at 3:05 PM, Saturday August 13, 2022 EDT
Want My Chips wrote
at 6:48 PM, Saturday August 13, 2022 EDT
Oil Kacha isnt the only person that is slow play or doesnt turn up for tourneys. May I also add her son also plays her account. Forgetting all that bingo, slow play, awayers, as annoying as it gets, everyone has a right to play the way they want to play. No idea when Kacha went into hospital but I hope all is well.
"pebble" wrote
at 5:12 AM, Sunday August 14, 2022 EDT
i emailed you Di, hope you are ok
oilcandude wrote
at 8:50 AM, Monday August 15, 2022 EDT
Hello my friend, i was ok with most all but when i got the fu... well then i suppose that almost a plea for me to keep up, I don't talk like to folks here and i don't expect it from anyone.. not that i havent heard it in life but when i do i don't back off... ty all interesting comments
JJacobs wrote
at 11:34 AM, Monday August 15, 2022 EDT
Wow what is wrong with you guys? It is a game, relax, Kacha is a good player
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