changing account name
Pierre Hickey wrote
at 12:29 PM, Wednesday November 23, 2022 EST
hello greg ( chronic ), when i joined gpoker in 2020, i did not know when i was naming my account so i put my full name (pierre hickey). All games that i play online are named with by nickname Pistol Pete.

Is it possible to update my account name to reflect Pistol Pete so that all players from other sites who also play Gpoker recognize me. thank you very much

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gnice37 wrote
at 6:58 PM, Wednesday November 23, 2022 EST
Hello Pierre....I am greg (chronic,gnice37). This is possible to change, I can ask the owner to change it, but it might take awhile to get it done. What name would you like to change it to , you cant have 2 acct names w/ Pistol Pete, but i could do Pistol Pete 2 ? let me know which name you would like, then we can move on getting it changed. Thanks
Pierre Hickey wrote
at 7:09 PM, Wednesday November 23, 2022 EST
i have an account already called pistol pete??????
are you sure that it is my email address?

ive been only playing pierre hickey since i joined.
you can change the pierre hickey to pistol pete2.
madness14 wrote
at 1:15 PM, Friday November 25, 2022 EST
Pierre there was an account by the name of Pistol Pete back in 2007 so account is taken, hence why greg said if you want to have that account name it has to be Pistol Pete1 or 2.
Pierre Hickey wrote
at 2:49 PM, Friday November 25, 2022 EST
if i create a new account on dec 1st, can my medals and membership be transferred to new account?
gnice37 wrote
at 7:11 PM, Friday November 25, 2022 EST
medals can not be transferred to a new acct. Sorry.
myerlyn wrote
at 7:50 PM, Friday November 25, 2022 EST
Im Greg.Hey Maddie,No it doesnt have to be 1 or 2,Pistol_Pete or just a change in a upper or lower case letter is good enough.-Pistol Pete-
chronic wrote
at 8:02 PM, Friday November 25, 2022 EST
actually changing an uppercase letter is not good. gpokr names are not case sensitive, only case sensitive when you are the wrong greg he was
@VunnamRamu wrote
at 4:51 AM, Saturday November 26, 2022 EST
For fun, I changed my name but my 475 medals not transferred sad...
pierthr wrote
at 8:13 AM, Sunday November 27, 2022 EST
pierre is trying to log in and get error apachee something
Pierre Hickey wrote
at 7:06 PM, Sunday November 27, 2022 EST
i finally got back in to gpoker using firefox
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