KC i think that i found out what happened
pistolpete1711 wrote
at 1:51 PM, Monday January 23, 2023 EST
i was playing on tables when tourny started.

it prompted me to go there so i went.

by doing so, it added my other account that plays the tables automatically to the tourny even though i never registered it.

i will have to not answer that question when im on tables

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LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 10:34 PM, Monday January 23, 2023 EST
impossible...the only way you had two accts in a tournament was to join with both accts. it doesnt automatically join your alt acct.
LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 10:35 PM, Monday January 23, 2023 EST
and the ips must have been different because the tournaments do not allow the same ip to join
pistolpete1711 wrote
at 6:59 AM, Wednesday January 25, 2023 EST
step by step to be clear on how both got in same tourny

logged in with PistolPete.
registered in the tournament.
I logged off PistolPete

logged in with the PierreHickey
played the tables

got prompt tourny was to started so i accepted to go there as i registered to play it with the PistolPete account.

it added account that was currently logged in to the tourny automatically. ie 2 accounts on same tournament. did not play with either in tourny

When prompted, i will have to decline that question unless im currently logged in with the account that is already registered in the tourny.
at 9:56 PM, Friday January 27, 2023 EST
madness14 wrote
at 7:46 PM, Saturday January 28, 2023 EST
Its impossible. If you try to join a tourney with a different account when you already joined it will tell you that you cant join cause you have same ip as the original account to prevent cheating.
madness14 wrote
at 7:49 PM, Saturday January 28, 2023 EST
You have the same ip address as madness14. To prevent cheating you can't play in the same tournament.
That is what I got when I tried it.
at 9:28 PM, Saturday January 28, 2023 EST
Wrong as usual..
I can join two accounts with the same ip using my phone ,then my I-pad..
LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 10:12 PM, Saturday January 28, 2023 EST
actually your phone and ipad will have 2 different ips
LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 10:13 PM, Saturday January 28, 2023 EST
that is why you were able to do that
madness14 wrote
at 4:48 PM, Sunday January 29, 2023 EST
Not wrong as usual north. Why would one want to sign in on mobile and pc if you dont have intentions of cheating. From recent posts and the losses of life time players, life is to short to even try to deal with negativity, you do nothing else.
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