KC i think that i found out what happened
pistolpete1711 wrote
at 1:51 PM, Monday January 23, 2023 EST
i was playing on tables when tourny started.

it prompted me to go there so i went.

by doing so, it added my other account that plays the tables automatically to the tourny even though i never registered it.

i will have to not answer that question when im on tables

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LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 10:34 PM, Monday January 23, 2023 EST
impossible...the only way you had two accts in a tournament was to join with both accts. it doesnt automatically join your alt acct.
LaGtAsTiC wrote
at 10:35 PM, Monday January 23, 2023 EST
and the ips must have been different because the tournaments do not allow the same ip to join
pistolpete1711 wrote
at 6:59 AM, Wednesday January 25, 2023 EST
step by step to be clear on how both got in same tourny

logged in with PistolPete.
registered in the tournament.
I logged off PistolPete

logged in with the PierreHickey
played the tables

got prompt tourny was to started so i accepted to go there as i registered to play it with the PistolPete account.

it added account that was currently logged in to the tourny automatically. ie 2 accounts on same tournament. did not play with either in tourny

When prompted, i will have to decline that question unless im currently logged in with the account that is already registered in the tourny.
at 9:56 PM, Friday January 27, 2023 EST
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