kacha_cha wrote
at 8:37 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
ATClocker: 9 5?
lexluger: pot commited atlicker.
ATClocker: ty lexloser
lexluger: you wouldnt understand
Keith Spencer6ho has left
lexluger: fuck your dead wife
TheRedDoor: ty
lexluger: May 2023 $54,500 71st
lexluger: you can win this tourney and still wont have 1/100 the chips i have
ATClocker: correction 99th
pierthr: but u have no class fuck your dead wife cmon ffs
lexluger: you voted for joe biden. you cannot get passed that
White Dawn: vgg bert
lexluger: fuck you too! woof
lexluger has left

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gnice37 wrote
at 8:44 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
this was taken care of....thx for the post
lexluger wrote
at 8:53 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
for the record. when he called me Lex loser he was referring to me losing my daughter in a car accident 2 years ago.. I did respond by saying fuck his dead wife, but it was prompted. Im sorry for saying that about his wife , but he was referring to my deceased daughter I lost.
lexluger wrote
at 8:57 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
gnice37 wrote
at 9:33 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
i understand the game gets aggravating at times, but we all need to keep our cool. nothing personal, lex, but this is an all ages site and have to keep the language clean. 1st offense is no big deal, only 3 day mute. we should all try to get along if possible.
gnice37 wrote
at 9:33 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
i am sorry about your daughter, i will talk to AT also if he is referring to your daughter.
lexluger wrote
at 9:34 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
I understand
lexluger wrote
at 9:38 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
so its just the language? nothing to do with i dont know atc or anything about his wife? correct? I want to follow the rules just to be clear
gnice37 wrote
at 10:17 PM, Sunday May 28, 2023 EDT
yes, the language. other than that everything all good.
lexluger wrote
at 2:44 PM, Monday May 29, 2023 EDT
Please let the other player know I apologize for my statement. I honestly didn't know anything about his wife and responded very unprofessional. Had too many drinks celebrating the holiday weekend and once again I apologize to the other player. Thanks
gnice37 wrote
at 5:11 PM, Monday May 29, 2023 EDT
Thanks Lex, i did pass the message to AT for you. When you get unmuted maybe personally tell him also. It was very nice of you to admit your mistake and take responsibility for it, most would not. Like i said before, none of it is personal and just part of the game. Chat will be restored on the 1st. Good luck the rest of the month.
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