KC 97 wrote
at 9:50 PM, Thursday September 7, 2023 EDT
people on this site or new people the language that has been used lately will not be tolerated...I dont care if there is a rule or not...foul language and namecalling will get your chat removed...its time to clean up...and i have no problem doing just that!!!

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at 7:58 PM, Friday September 8, 2023 EDT
myerlyn wrote
at 8:04 PM, Friday September 8, 2023 EDT
I would think it should be based on how its used and not just ban someone because they said a curse word.We all know Ryan dont put much time into this site so that dont mean you can just start making up your own rules.
Haywood JaBlome wrote
at 8:33 PM, Friday September 8, 2023 EDT
You trying to get the gag too Myer?
myerlyn wrote
at 12:24 AM, Saturday September 9, 2023 EDT
Im just being me and I use this site for how I see it set up.Curse words are not blocked like other poker sites and there are no rules towards using them but it dont mean we have to abuse it.With that and being a respectful adult I try and watch how I use my cursing towards/around other people whether in public or online.I am a 55yr old smartass punk and can be a bully in a way but I know how to use cursing in a respectful/fun/funny way without being to much of a ass with them or hurtful.
at 7:07 PM, Sunday September 10, 2023 EDT
Your personal rules and values have killed this site.
KC 97 wrote
at 10:43 AM, Monday September 11, 2023 EDT
from a man that got hi chat muted for his language and abuse tword members...and not by a matter of fact all your bans were not by me
4444444444444444 wrote
at 1:46 AM, Wednesday September 13, 2023 EDT
your an awful mod always have been.
Haywood JaBlome wrote
at 2:33 PM, Wednesday September 13, 2023 EDT
Another fan..
Gpokrislife wrote
at 4:20 AM, Thursday September 14, 2023 EDT
Didn't Lars get banned for this??
KC 97 wrote
at 10:14 AM, Thursday September 14, 2023 EDT
No...Lars used the C-word
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