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Errk wrote
at 1:00 PM, Wednesday September 16, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [9d, Td]
el.presidente folds
w widow folds
capiness checks
j-r folds
tonio65 calls
KAAP calls
kevinchu_9 stands up
Errk checks
Dealing flop: [7c, Qd, 6s]
Errk checks
capiness checks
tonio65 folds
KAAP folds
Dealing turn: [8d]
tonio65 stands up
Dallas Dean stands up
Errk bets $200
capiness calls
Dealing river: [Jd]
Errk bets $500
capiness calls
Errk shows [9d, Td] for a straight flush Queen high
capiness shows [Qh, 3d] for a pair of Queens
Errk wins main pot $1,650
lynnmay wrote
at 8:50 AM, Wednesday April 1, 2009 EDT
wooooooooooooooooooooot good job hon!!! hugzzz
misst56 wrote
at 12:48 AM, Wednesday April 1, 2009 EDT
GREAT job Errk!! gl next month.
Miss_Beth wrote
at 7:13 PM, Tuesday February 24, 2009 EST
ha ha... I've been crazy busy with school work and studying for a psych exam that almost kicked my ass! I rocked it though. I don't usually have time to get on here anymore!
BiggerDave12 wrote
at 4:35 PM, Wednesday December 24, 2008 EST
BiggerDave12 wrote
at 10:56 AM, Saturday October 25, 2008 EDT
a true and honest guy
annat wrote
at 1:03 PM, Friday August 1, 2008 EDT
SYE!!!!! CONGRATS!!! Very well done! Very well done...see ya soon!!!
annat wrote
at 1:03 PM, Friday August 1, 2008 EDT
Congrats Errk!!!!!! Good luck this month!!! see ya soon
lynnmay wrote
at 12:02 PM, Friday August 1, 2008 EDT
woooo hooo good job hon!!! come to me if you need some new spears winks winks!! hugzzzz
annat wrote
at 7:11 AM, Tuesday July 1, 2008 EDT
WOOHOOO Errk - Great job on the medal!!!!

I knew you could do it!! GL and TC! See ya soon!!!
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