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2012-01-18 Basket J is a chat jerk. Chat below is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ [Note: Basket J had AQ suited and lost to 86. I was not in the hand but I did not like Basket J's rudeness--and letting rudeness pass by only encourages it around here.] ---------- Basket J: obviously 8 6 calls ---------- Basket J: youre awful ########## [Note: Chat jerk time.] ---------- 3.14159: Basket J, you know this is not for real money, right? ---------- Basket J: so what? ---------- Basket J: you still play smart ---------- 3.14159: "so what?"! ---------- Basket J: play to win ---------- 3.14159: it is smart to know what you are playing for ---------- 3.14159: are you one of the 3%, Basket J? ---------- 3.14159: the 3% who are jerks and ruin it for everyone else? ---------- BadBeats: sorry, slow connection ---------- 3.14159: it isn't enough for you to win--you have to tell everyone else how dumb they are, right? ---------- 3.14159: pathetic ---------- Basket J: sure, im pathetic ---------- 3.14159: you WANT him to call and then call him dumb when he calls--pathetic, Basket J ---------- Basket J: it was a dumb call ---------- Basket J: i would prefer taking the blinds over a dumb call ---------- 3.14159: but YOU are pathetic--so he wins ---------- 3.14159: right, that is why you are on the 0 tables--to take the blinds ---------- 3.14159: right ---------- Basket J: i don't have enough money for the bigger tables yet ---------- Basket J: i just lost on AA to 88 all-in perflop ---------- Basket J: and AQ suited v 77 ---------- Basket J: and K7 suited v Q7 ---------- Basket J: i liked my chances, just bad luck ---------- 3.14159: did you call everyone dumb then, too? ---------- Basket J: well the person who called with Q7...wasn't too bright ---------- Basket J: the other ones, no. they weren't bad moves ---------- 3.14159: again, you know this isn't for real money, right? ---------- Basket J: i just got unlucky
3.14159 on Wednesday January 18, 2012
Very nice person. Very helpful thank you ...good luck
shylo on Tuesday October 4, 2011
Man is a fucking animal, comes back for 1 month and slays the site. Props!
trendz on Friday May 28, 2010
hey its jonathan
skibum44 on Friday February 20, 2009
Congrats on 1st killer.
j0K3r5_w1Ld on Saturday November 1, 2008
Gratz on 1st place B.J
Gurgi on Saturday November 1, 2008
You are good.
BIG_TEX on Wednesday October 22, 2008
O M F G!
All Skillz on Sunday October 19, 2008
hi basket if you were playing so well at the beginning of months would surely win...:)
under21 on Monday September 29, 2008
Jules did you forget to vote?
duckmandrake on Tuesday April 1, 2008
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