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windycityboy55 wrote
at 9:02 PM, Monday February 13, 2017 EST
I miss ya bad ass. I don't play here much anymore. wonder if the cat is still on here.
rest in peace my friend. ill be thinking of you from time to time
windycityboy55 wrote
at 9:21 PM, Monday October 13, 2014 EDT
badass. I had been gone from gpokr for 3 years. I just came back this month... and kc told me the news. im so saddened to know you passed away. I miss you deeply. this place wont be the same. rest well my friend. you will always be in my thoughts.
Gr8Scott wrote
at 6:44 PM, Saturday August 14, 2010 EDT
Hey Baddy, Thinking about you and wondering if you're getting better. Hope so. Please keep in touch. I'm not on as much as I used to, same as most of our friends. Sad. I miss the gang. Windy is still MIA. I worry about him too. Take Care, Scotty
windycityboy wrote
at 7:14 PM, Friday April 24, 2009 EDT
hey bud...
just popped in to say hello. hope all has been well in yoru world. missed you guys.. but you're all thought of often
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