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It’s not whether you won or lost, but how many bad beat stories you were able to tell
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Can you pls help us out in kdice with proxies? Everything is on forum
Aleksa_bre on Friday October 22, 2021
http://gpokr.com/games/89734997 first str8 flush Greg, in your regards
HottShott on Saturday August 7, 2021
I got suspended for playing two accounts at the same time for 7 days. Kdelon and mrsgrendler I have no knowledge or access to a mrsgrendler account. Kdelon
Kdelon on Thursday July 8, 2021
A real TP
Sergeant Pepper on Thursday January 28, 2021
I read a book called koutilya ardasastra, in that, author said, how a man like to be, good, intelligent, strong, cunning, and sooooo u 90% reached that book practically, nice charming young boy lolll
Ramu the hacker on Friday January 22, 2021
THANKS Greg "pebble": but thats not good enough for you "pebble": you ignore me please "pebble": the lol was not about YOU "pebble": you are paranoid Hellisha: U talked to me using other acct. Greg told us all
"pebble" on Monday December 14, 2020
Ostopokeri: 80 at age was on my mind yeasterday evening Ostopokeri: And They say you little boy keep mouth shut Ostopokeri: 40 - 80 at age are trouble Ostopokeri: 35 nothing already mulshs is here Ostopokeri: So I rule here Ostopokeri: Go buy porn magazine Ostopokeri: 120 dead Ostopokeri: 110 extra Ostopokeri: 100 broke ot Ostopokeri: 90 holiday Ostopokeri: 80 make result Ostopokeri: Also Ostopokeri: 8 club Ostopokeri: 7club Ostopokeri: 6 club
RHX55 on Friday December 11, 2020
elbbep on Sunday November 29, 2020
Change all your passwords. Make new email accounts with new passwords. The site is not secure, literally. E-mails and passwords are being harvested in order to gather information about players and to harass them (and perhaps, in the future, to blackmail them).
PanzerRed on Tuesday July 21, 2020
Hey gnice, could you ban my IP adress please, I need more time to have work done, I dont want to play, chat or anything else. Thank you in advance.
namor on Monday June 8, 2020
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