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-TEA- wrote
at 1:58 PM, Wednesday July 1, 2015 EDT
6 card flop
-TEA- wrote
at 1:57 PM, Wednesday July 1, 2015 EDT
Interesting hand....lol
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3s, 2h]
slicknick72 folds
"pebble" calls
wib1 folds
cicciolippo calls
chairman1 calls
Cash-Man folds
luckyMrTea calls
-TEA- checks
Dealing flop: [4h, 3d, 5d]
luckyMrTea checks
-TEA- bets $200
"pebble" calls
cicciolippo calls
chairman1 calls
luckyMrTea folds
Dealing turn: [7d]
luckyMrTea folds
Dealing turn: [7d]
-TEA- checks
"pebble" checks
cicciolippo checks
chairman1 checks
Dealing river: [3c]
-TEA- bets $200
"pebble" calls
cicciolippo folds
chairman1 folds
-TEA- shows [3s, 2h] for three threes
"pebble" shows [8h, 7s] for two pair, sevens and threes
-TEA- wins main pot $2,200

-TEA- wrote
at 4:29 PM, Friday June 20, 2014 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [8h, 8c]
CharlesFosterKan folds
chickenshit folds
Mayday88 folds
flo-flo sits in
happytoscrap raises $600
-TEA- raises $1,000
Phizz folds
Texas folds
flo-flo folds
shylo folds
happytoscrap calls
Dealing flop: [8s, 8d, 7s]
happytoscrap checks
-TEA- checks
Dealing turn: [9d]
happytoscrap checks
-TEA- checks
Dealing river: [7h]
happytoscrap bets $1,000
-TEA- raises $2,550
happytoscrap calls
happytoscrap shows [7c, 7d] for four sevens
-TEA- shows [8h, 8c] for four eights
-TEA- wins main pot $7,400
Snoods wrote
at 3:52 AM, Wednesday January 1, 2014 EST
Happy new year tea hope u and your family have a good 1 mt8
Snoods wrote
at 1:09 PM, Tuesday December 24, 2013 EST
Tea happy Xmas mt8
-TEA- wrote
at 12:25 PM, Tuesday March 12, 2013 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ks, 5c]
freddy star raises $450
joshf folds
bugmug folds
kevmann folds
12larry21 calls
ccsis folds
Dealing flop: [4c, Kh, 3d]
12larry21 bets $3,950
freddy star sits out
freddy star folds
Dealing turn: [5d]
Dealing river: [6c]
12larry21 shows [4h, Kc] for two pair, Kings and fours
-TEA- shows [Ks, 5c] for two pair, Kings and fives
12larry21 wins main pot $5,025
-TEA- stands up
freddy star sits in
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