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MGM wrote
at 6:37 PM, Tuesday January 1, 2013 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ts, Th]
Kickyerbutt folds
paqouri folds
Jenetix folds
Uncle Jesse folds
@SUOCERA2702 folds
merhoops folds
MGM raises $600
kacha_cha calls
Dealing flop: [9d, Qh, Td]
MGM bets $1,200
kacha_cha calls
Dealing turn: [9c]
MGM bets $1,200
kacha_cha raises $3,975
MGM calls
Dealing river: [9h]
MGM shows [Ts, Th] for a full house, tens full of nines
kacha_cha shows [9s, Jc] for four nines
kacha_cha wins main pot $11,600
kacha_cha wins side pot $175
MGM finishes the tournament 8th
MGM stands up
MGM wrote
at 9:44 AM, Wednesday December 26, 2012 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [4d, 3d]
boule 59 raises $2,000
jimpap9819 calls
MGM calls
gtoo calls
Dealing flop: [4s, Qd, 5d]
MGM checks
gtoo checks
boule 59 checks
jimpap9819 bets $21,000
MGM calls
gtoo folds
boule 59 folds
Dealing turn: [7d]
MGM checks
jimpap9819 bets $46,848
MGM calls
Dealing river: [7c]
jimpap9819 shows [Qs, Qc] for a full house, Queens full of sevens
MGM shows [4d, 3d] for a flush Queen high
jimpap9819 wins main pot $131,460
jimpap9819 wins side pot $6,118
MGM stands up

GPokr is complete crap
MGM wrote
at 8:10 AM, Tuesday December 18, 2012 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Jh, Kc]
blade try raises $70,000
MGM raises $674,060
blade try calls
Dealing flop: [Qd, 3h, 6s]
Dealing turn: [Td]
Dealing river: [2h]
MGM shows [Jh, Kc] for King high
blade try shows [Ts, Kh] for a pair of tens
blade try wins main pot $1,388,120
MGM stands up
blade try sits out

December... BS
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