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Can you pls help us out in kdice with proxies? Everything is on forum
Aleksa_bre on Friday October 22, 2021
Hey Kc can you Ryan to do a quick rebot the lag is supper bad today know way to do this thanks bud
aamike on Sunday September 26, 2021
KC 97 just saw the note u wrote on my wall about complaining about your slow play, some gentleman you are... seems to me u say and do what u want and if anyone complains about u, well nuff said about u, u let people curse each other and slow play all the time.... Phizz is num 1 where is his threat?
oilcandude on Sunday September 12, 2021
ThamesBoy on Friday April 9, 2021
Mucker: 9c Kamakaze: DONT TAKE OFFENCE WHEN I CALL YOU A TWAT YOU TWAT Bootcamp is here Mucker: why call me that then Kamakaze: IT'S AN AFFECTIONATE WAY OF SAYING YOU TWAT Mucker: ok Kamakaze: LOL Bootcamp has left Kamakaze: THE BIGGEST TWAT IS THIS SITE Mucker: you dont mind me calling you a twat then Kamakaze: I HEAR YOU SAY "THEN WHY PLAY HERE" Bootcamp is here Kamakaze: NO, THE BEST COMPLIMENT ANYONE COULD PAY ME Kamakaze: I'M HALF IRISH, HALF SCOTTISH .....FFFSSSSSAAAAASSASSDDVGTGBVNMJLBKHFKUTF.KHCRDUTF Mucker: so your not human then lol Kamakaze: I'M ACTUALLY A PRIZE NTCU Kamakaze: SRY BOOTBOLLOX Bootcamp: Happens.... :) Kamakaze: THAT WAS COMPLETE BOOOOOOOLLLLLLLOOOOOOXXXXXX kacha_cha is here Kamakaze: MUCKER,,,,,A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHO'S THE BIGGEST NCTU OF ALL TIME IS,,,,,,,,,,,RYYYYYYANNNNNN Kamakaze: RIVER WINNERS Kamakaze: SET UPS Kamakaze: PISS TAKES Kamakaze: HES A NACACISTIC CCCCCCCCCCCNUT Kamakaze: WOUD YOU SAY I WAS A NICE CALM PERSON?
"pebble" on Sunday November 8, 2020
That is not what harassment is, which is why you used "basically." This is selective modding, & you're wrong!
Big Al Rogorson on Sunday August 2, 2020
RHX55 on Friday June 5, 2020
My beef isn't with you KC but whatever, guess you mods are all the same. Enjoy that "power" you have, and being ryan's little b*$ch.
Hugh G Rection54 on Friday December 27, 2019
Far and away the Admin on here who takes the most pleasure in their "power." What a douche.
happytoscrap on Sunday June 30, 2019
KC, today i was stalked by a player with the acc TrippyG fag, Trippy G fag and Tippy FAG. I think he has much more acc´s. This acc should be banned. Thanks.
Tippy G on Tuesday July 10, 2018
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