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hey orv baby, please dont think i get offended, cos i have an inability for that, but hey i have a great book you should look up, its called: the guide to clever answers and snappy come backs. available on penguin $17.00 rrp. good luck sweet and see ya next time. xxx panties
panties on Tuesday May 13, 2008
Orv is not Mudslinger, VAoutlaw is. Orv is from the UK
Opie_00 on Saturday May 3, 2008
okay mud we believe you.... not
The Isis on Tuesday April 1, 2008
whatever you say misses mudslinger a.k.a casper a.k.a orv
Mr.Wrong Bet on Tuesday April 1, 2008
Who the fuck are you 3 i dont even know you joker's i aint MUD SLINGER you stupid fucking idiots what a bunch of sad people on here now aday's too much bullshit i have played a few hand's a day and i havent played against you stupid cunt's check the profile next time to see the stat's medal's etc or are you lot so fucking dumb you believe what people say to you if some 1 said i jump in a burning fire for 10mins you would believe it bunch of stupid fools guess what FUCK YOU i dont give a shit i know im not MUD SLINGER or CASPER50 and i know some player's i play know the same so guess what again FUCK YOU
orv on Monday March 31, 2008
i aint casper either have a few acc's and most players on here know what 1s they are like EYE LTH artfulldodger so fuck know's how they think that
orv on Monday March 31, 2008
I disagree dobs the name say's it all
dobs is a gimp on Monday March 10, 2008
Orv is a gimp
dobs on Monday March 10, 2008
The Best
[email protected] on Sunday March 9, 2008
WHOAH!!! Orv is a Scot!??? Ok then, nevermind
Opie_00 on Saturday March 8, 2008
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