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This player has been modded by the community

language ban...till end of Feb -chat -post KC 97 7:11 PM, Sunday February 21, 2021 EST
restoring chat and post...next time will be permanent ban of chat and post +chat +post KC 97 8:54 PM, Monday April 6, 2020 EDT
adding no post ability -post KC 97 9:41 PM, Thursday March 12, 2020 EDT
told you twice ...using c word again...chat gone for the rest of march... -chat KC 97 9:38 PM, Thursday March 12, 2020 EDT
giving this player another chance...final outcome is up to lynn when she returns...please dont make me regret this +chat +post gnice37 7:06 PM, Thursday February 2, 2017 EST
abusing people harassing,was warned then kept it up -chat -post lynnmay 7:54 PM, Tuesday October 30, 2012 EDT
ban lifted,,gl +chat +post lynnmay 7:26 PM, Tuesday August 28, 2012 EDT
foul language yet again -chat -post lynnmay 9:06 PM, Sunday April 15, 2012 EDT
unbanned +chat +post lynnmay 9:07 PM, Saturday March 24, 2012 EDT
you have been warned many times about calling someone the c word..no more 2 many people have come to me this week about it... -chat -post lynnmay 9:02 PM, Tuesday February 14, 2012 EST
Please use language apprpriate for an all ages site and civilised people.Next time, much longer. Really. Have a good holiday. =) +chat +post kellykellymoore 8:41 PM, Saturday December 24, 2011 EST
You have been warned and banned repeatedly due to your language at the tables. I was personally in 2 tourns with you today where you used extremely inappropriate language towards other players just because you lost. Take (another) break. See me in January for the return of your chat. Hugs! -chat -post kellykellymoore 9:32 PM, Wednesday December 21, 2011 EST
abilities restored. Please refrain from abuse in future or suspension of abilities will be withdrawn again. Thank you. +chat +post TLP 7:21 AM, Tuesday March 29, 2011 EDT
muted for abusive language as shown in forum until at least end of January 2011. -chat -post TLP 4:26 AM, Tuesday January 18, 2011 EST
Restored- Please watch your language and treatment of others while playing. It's a game. +chat +post kellykellymoore 10:29 PM, Thursday November 25, 2010 EST
Big, you have been warned several times before about your treatment of others. 3 days. -chat -post kellykellymoore 6:40 PM, Tuesday November 23, 2010 EST
restored again hopefully the message gets through +chat +post Rob S. 10:36 PM, Saturday July 10, 2010 EDT
continued after restoring chat so one month no chat or post -chat -post Rob S. 10:32 PM, Saturday July 10, 2010 EDT
returned chat with strong warning +chat Rob S. 10:30 PM, Saturday July 10, 2010 EDT
Player was chatting in abusive manner and continued after being warned -chat Rob S. 10:28 PM, Saturday July 10, 2010 EDT

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wow rmartini.. i can't belive you have said that!!!!!
simon pipehole on Thursday September 15, 2011
I really wish you would just get hit by a train and die!
rmartini on Tuesday September 13, 2011
Lunatic Fringe on Wednesday April 27, 2011
this hothead will flame u after u beat him; maybe it's part of his awesome poker strategy. Be warned, he know ALL the bad words :P
Tristo on Wednesday April 13, 2011
The biggest piece of shit here at gpokr!!!!
trkdrvr on Monday April 4, 2011
HALIBUT on Wednesday November 17, 2010
Hope this ignorant cocksucker gets beaten to death next time he opens his mouth
tyskie on Tuesday July 20, 2010
run rabbit run
geeno on Friday April 23, 2010
biglad: lucky fucking twat ---------what a nice guy
noobee on Friday January 15, 2010
biglad shows [Th, Td] for four tens SENCHOZZA shows [9c, 9s] for a full house, nines full of tens biglad wins main pot $231,000
dr. zoidberg 69 on Thursday March 19, 2009
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