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chaiNblade wrote
at 12:23 PM, Friday May 2, 2014 EDT
Baby grats
moulue wrote
at 12:53 AM, Friday May 2, 2014 EDT
Congrats golden boy !! welcome to the club - it was a very close race during the course of the whole month and both of you had an excellent shot to win, 500+ games earned it - also I suppose many players and friends are glad that finally a non - member did it once again
Tiboum wrote
at 12:32 PM, Thursday May 1, 2014 EDT
Congrats on that first buddy, it is well deserved! :)
chaiNblade wrote
at 10:51 AM, Monday October 3, 2011 EDT
You will never get me, not even eventually!!!!!!!!!!!!
setorines wrote
at 5:49 PM, Saturday January 22, 2011 EST
you need to get back on that loosing streak here soon so I can beat ya :P
chaiNblade wrote
at 12:09 PM, Tuesday January 18, 2011 EST
{A}Monkey SLayer wrote
at 11:27 AM, Tuesday January 18, 2011 EST
Oh what the hell man, you really did.
{A}Monkey SLayer wrote
at 11:26 AM, Tuesday January 18, 2011 EST
I trashed your overview page, pwnt.
chaiNblade wrote
at 9:42 AM, Tuesday January 18, 2011 EST
I won't bohter wiht htis silly pwnee nublet
chaiNblade wrote
at 7:13 AM, Saturday September 4, 2010 EDT
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