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From one comment alone I know this girl has got a rare and marvelous sense of humor.
cigsmokingman on Monday January 4, 2010
ROFLMAO!!! on Thursday September 25, 2008
okay coolchick, a date at icebergs(is it still called that after the renos?) if ya keen, i ll shout the beers you bring the scones!!!
panties on Thursday July 31, 2008
love you keep the gpokr clowns in line.g/l all ways.bless you.
jack ramsland on Saturday July 26, 2008
Lei on Thursday July 24, 2008
coolchick- STFU slutface
|Dash| on Saturday July 19, 2008
Hello to a fellow NSW er...up near Byron Bay for me!! mmmmm beaches lol xxx Lei.
Lei... on Friday April 11, 2008
Sydney, Aus is just a hop and a skip from St Louis, drew. Oh well, off to the beach...
coolchick on Friday April 11, 2008
coolchick... I'm really Drewsifer... someone said that you were from the St. Louis Area... Is that true? See you around ;) Drew
I'm_Bill_Bidwill on Friday April 11, 2008
CC youre obviously unmarried. No man would put up with the sort of crap you dish out
Revlex on Thursday April 3, 2008
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