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Recognized on 7:47 AM, Thursday May 8, 2008 EDT by These cards suck
For being in 1st place after the 1st week of May 2008. Congrats and keep it up.

This player has been modded by the community

restored +chat integral 4:31 PM, Friday September 19, 2014 EDT
24 hrs minus chat -chat integral 4:43 AM, Thursday September 18, 2014 EDT
After consultation with the big boss, I think you deserve your old main back as a reward for staying out of trouble in the last few years. Good luck and please don't screw up the last "last chance" for this account :). +changeAvatar +chat +play +post jurgen 2:23 PM, Monday July 15, 2013 EDT
Enforcement of the Bone-Roller doctrine -changeAvatar -chat -post Bone-Roller 3:52 PM, Friday August 27, 2010 EDT
time served +chat Rowdyazell 12:35 PM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
have to be consistent -chat Rowdyazell 12:28 PM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
Player apologized to the African American he offended and the offended person said to lift the ban. +chat KDICEMOD 8:16 PM, Wednesday June 30, 2010 EDT
Hate language..........no more chat. -chat KDICEMOD 8:13 PM, Wednesday June 30, 2010 EDT
banned for cheating -play Ryan 8:45 PM, Tuesday June 15, 2010 EDT
ban lifted. Take the silly games elsewhere. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post annat 8:40 PM, Tuesday June 15, 2010 EDT
Permaban is back........and better than ever. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 7:37 PM, Tuesday May 25, 2010 EDT
My "irrational" actions are in response to you holding a childish grudge. Sorry if you don't like that. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post holyharlequin 5:11 AM, Wednesday May 19, 2010 EDT
This account is permanently banned. Until this account stops being unbanned I will ban all other accounts I know of that are owned by this player. HH is being completely irrational and now she is forcing ME to be irrational. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 6:37 PM, Tuesday May 18, 2010 EDT
ridiculous. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post holyharlequin 5:27 AM, Monday May 17, 2010 EDT
BUMP -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 7:08 PM, Friday May 14, 2010 EDT
I know you have a grudge against him and I know you dislike him, that's all fine and dandy, but don't take his main away because you don't like him. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post holyharlequin 6:38 PM, Thursday May 13, 2010 EDT
Owning your main account is a privilege, not a right, just ask int, adam, leek, etc...Zoid had his chances and he chose to continue to do the wrong thing. Is he the only one? No. Did he make it easy to get caught? Yes. Who are you to question my reasons for banning his main? Why should I have to contact YOU about an account I banned? I wouldn't go behind your back and undo any of the work you've done. I would expect the same respect from you. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 5:51 PM, Tuesday May 11, 2010 EDT
If he has other accounts, why not let him just use this one? If you have such a problem talk to me about it. You know how to reach me. And until you do so, I have no problem turning his review page into a message board. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post holyharlequin 6:30 PM, Monday May 10, 2010 EDT
He's already had a second and third chance on this account. Stop allowing yourself to be pressured into lifting a ban simply because someone bugs you. He has other accounts, let him use them. Until Ryan unbans this account himself, or sends me an e-mail telling me to unban this account, or strips KDICEMOD of moderator powers, I will continue to reban this account every single time somebody gets manipulated into unbanning it. Simply paying to be a member does not allow someone to habitually abuse the rules, unless you disagree holy. In that case I think we should rewrite the rules to allow the highest bidders to do the most damage and play the least fair. Wait....we tried that already. Nevermind. Anyways, this is getting kinda long and I've got to go. Thanks for helping to turn Zoid's review page into a moderator chat board. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 6:21 PM, Monday May 10, 2010 EDT
I've known this player for quite a while and I've seen him play many times. He may not be the most virtuous player, but I've never seen him act badly enough to deserve a perma-ban. Zoid is a paying member (and has been for a while) This is a second chance, and his account will remain unbanned until I see him doing something bad enough to deserve a permanent ban. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post holyharlequin 6:00 PM, Sunday May 9, 2010 EDT
Why TCS? -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 11:36 PM, Saturday May 1, 2010 EDT
Can play till the 1st of May 2010. Re banned after that. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post These cards suck 8:55 PM, Friday April 30, 2010 EDT
In an effort to continually educate the masses, I offer the following from Merriam-Webster......permanent - continuing or enduring without fundamental or marked change......please take notice of the definition of permanent.....Thank You -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 8:34 PM, Friday April 9, 2010 EDT
Time served all chat, post and avi privledges restored +changeAvatar +chat +post Rob S. 10:02 PM, Thursday April 8, 2010 EDT
Since user is a "Member" and paid for the membership I'll restoring his game play only.

Any slips or if player is caught cheating ALL associated accounts will be removed. Forever.
+play These cards suck 8:23 PM, Sunday April 4, 2010 EDT
Participated in a planned point funneling session. Final offense. Account permanently banned. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 7:50 AM, Saturday February 27, 2010 EST
free +chat These cards suck 9:02 PM, Wednesday January 20, 2010 EST
loser -chat These cards suck 9:00 PM, Wednesday January 20, 2010 EST
. +play KDICEMOD 10:41 PM, Thursday January 14, 2010 EST
This account and DIGLETT were playing at the same time on the same table. Zoid's IP is the last known IP on the DIGLETT account, making that account either a proxy account or a shared account. Either way, cheating was occuring. -play KDICEMOD 10:59 AM, Sunday January 10, 2010 EST
wrong player +chat +play +post These cards suck 3:26 PM, Sunday January 3, 2010 EST
oops -chat -play -post These cards suck 3:25 PM, Sunday January 3, 2010 EST
douche bag alert!!! +play These cards suck 3:21 PM, Sunday January 3, 2010 EST
douche bag alert!!! -play These cards suck 3:21 PM, Sunday January 3, 2010 EST
Thank you. +post KDICEMOD 10:15 PM, Sunday December 6, 2009 EST
testing -post KDICEMOD 8:49 PM, Sunday December 6, 2009 EST
Time served account reinstated. +chat +play Rob S. 1:12 AM, Thursday November 5, 2009 EST
-play for PGAing a tourney. -chat so tourney play is made difficult. 2nd infraction -play for 30 days -chat -play KDICEMOD 7:01 PM, Monday October 5, 2009 EDT
7 days served, restored +play kellykellymoore 11:04 PM, Saturday September 19, 2009 EDT
Zoid and potato showed favortism to each other in multiple rounds of the Members Evening. Protected each others places without spoken truces in chat while killing a player named Finlay2 in back-to-back rounds. One of those rounds Finlay actually flagged 3rd to the two of them (real flag) and they decided to kill him anyways. -play for 7 days -play KDICEMOD 7:57 PM, Sunday September 13, 2009 EDT
I am satisfied pooy was not involved in this at all though I still have my doubts as to what happened I am reinstating as no-one can give me hand details. Any further suspicions Z and I will resuspend. Keep it cleean ,fair and WITHIN the rules. +play TLP 4:56 PM, Monday September 7, 2009 EDT
attempt # 2 -play KDICEMOD 9:11 PM, Sunday September 6, 2009 EDT
ban isn't sticking, will try again +play KDICEMOD 9:11 PM, Sunday September 6, 2009 EDT
Account suspended for taking chips from pooy -play TLP 6:56 PM, Sunday September 6, 2009 EDT
test +play These cards suck 10:22 PM, Thursday July 2, 2009 EDT
test -play These cards suck 10:20 PM, Thursday July 2, 2009 EDT

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Great player +++
PureOdyssey on Thursday May 5, 2016
zoid = cheat
zoidcheats on Monday September 7, 2009
stupid prick
mattz1 on Friday September 4, 2009
matt19 on Monday August 10, 2009
Rackers on Saturday July 18, 2009
Nice work zoid! its now time to catch WR in the career rankings
Rabid Womble on Wednesday July 1, 2009
No real life?
Gurgi on Wednesday July 1, 2009
No real life?
megawerkx on Wednesday July 1, 2009
very very thaks dr. you are a very good n1 player ;-)
cartaio1 on Thursday June 11, 2009
hey how r ya??
sippinsryup=NOOB on Monday May 4, 2009
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