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rabb wrote
at 3:20 PM, Monday November 9, 2009 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ah, Ac]
hd973 calls
MatthewBird calls
kneejob folds
who'syourdaddy sits out
who'syourdaddy folds
who'syourdaddy sits in
rabb raises $500
tarion raises $1,200
hd973 folds
MatthewBird folds
rabb raises $2,400
tarion calls
Dealing flop: [4c, Kd, 2h]
rabb bets $1,800
tarion calls
Dealing turn: [As]
rabb bets $1,600
tarion calls
Dealing river: [Ad]
rabb checks
tarion bets $14,800
rabb calls
rabb shows [Ah, Ac] for four Aces
tarion shows [Td, Tc] for two pair, Aces and tens
rabb wins main pot $42,800
tarion stands up
rabb wrote
at 2:21 PM, Wednesday July 1, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [4c, 2c]
rabb raises $4,227
yajev folds
Wah-Wah calls
bingo dude calls
ozjack folds
IsisBoy folds
DJ-M_O_D folds
Dealing flop: [Ac, 5c, 4s]
Dealing turn: [2h]
Dealing river: [3c]
Wah-Wah shows [6h, Qh] for a straight six high
bingo dude shows [7s, Ks] for a straight five high
rabb shows [4c, 2c] for a straight flush five high
rabb wins main pot $4,200
rabb wins side pot $3,500
rabb wins side pot $1,102
Wah-Wah stands up
bingo dude stands up
Marice wrote
at 9:44 PM, Thursday April 9, 2009 EDT
Dealing flop: [9c, Tc, 6c]
Marice checks
rabb bets $800
greyghost. calls
johnjordan raises $68,517
Marice folds
rabb calls
greyghost. folds
Dealing turn: [Kd]
Dealing river: [3h]
rabb shows [7c, 8c] for a straight flush ten high
johnjordan shows [4c, 5c] for a flush ten high
rabb wins main pot $71,992
johnjordan wins side pot $33,821

Nice hand rabb
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