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gnice37 wrote
at 9:58 AM, Sunday October 29, 2017 EDT
you put up a bunch of hands on replay, they are not the same person, not sure what you are suspecting? roby85/hyena whk
gnice37 wrote
at 5:29 PM, Sunday December 20, 2015 EST
thx for the info, sorry didn't see it till 12/20 , but I removed both accts
elbbep wrote
at 3:32 PM, Sunday March 4, 2012 EST
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Jh, Th]
Xplus1 calls
elbbep raises $600
Xplus1 calls
Dealing flop: [7d, 8h, 5h]
elbbep bets $6,050
Xplus1 calls
Dealing turn: [9h]
Dealing river: [Qh]
Xplus1 shows [5s, 5c] for three fives
elbbep shows [Jh, Th] for a straight flush Queen high
elbbep wins main pot $13,400
TLP wrote
at 7:59 AM, Monday June 27, 2011 EDT
Pebs, I am not taking any side at all but the posts you have been making recently are all antagonistic to the situation. You are both grown men....
Bettyke wrote
at 9:42 AM, Friday December 10, 2010 EST
Hey darling, gave your av santa hats... Emailed it to kellykellymoore should I no longer be on-line. Hope you'll like it, hugs, gl.
kellykellymoore wrote
at 7:30 AM, Friday December 10, 2010 EST
Hi, Betty did santa hats for this av for you and sent them to me. Find me and I'll give them to you. gl...K
elbbep wrote
at 2:10 PM, Friday April 2, 2010 EDT

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [4c, 3s]
RutttOh folds
Graham56 folds
Big Hunter 12 calls
gtmnow folds
john27 folds
nodice4u calls
elbbep checks
Dealing flop: [9c, Ac, 4s]
nodice4u checks
elbbep checks
Big Hunter 12 bets $150
nodice4u folds
elbbep calls
Dealing turn: [4d]
elbbep checks
Big Hunter 12 bets $1,200
elbbep calls
Dealing river: [4h]
elbbep shows [4c, 3s] for four fours
Big Hunter 12 shows [Jd, Ah] for a full house, fours full of Aces
elbbep wins main pot $2,700
Big Hunter 12 wins side pot $75
Luvs Ya All wrote
at 11:26 AM, Thursday April 1, 2010 EDT
Pebbbbbbbbbbbbbbs ty. Congrats on your first medal on this account. GOOD LUCK for April :o) xxx
elbbep wrote
at 2:42 PM, Monday July 13, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Ac, Th]
Big Slick 1 folds
Jack69 calls
*GHOST* checks
elbbep calls
johnny5 calls
tony h calls
Tinchen checks
Dealing flop: [Ad, As, Ah]
tony h checks
Tinchen checks
Jack69 checks
*GHOST* checks
elbbep checks
johnny5 bets $1,000
tony h folds
Tinchen folds
Jack69 calls
*GHOST* folds
elbbep calls
Dealing turn: [8c]
Jack69 checks
elbbep checks
johnny5 bets $1,000
Jack69 raises $9,000
elbbep calls
johnny5 folds
Dealing river: [6h]
Jack69 bets $62,075
elbbep calls
elbbep shows [Ac, Th] for four Aces
Jack69 shows [8h, Tc] for a full house, Aces full of eights
elbbep wins main pot $152,150
Jack69 stands up
helloitssue wrote
at 8:20 PM, Monday July 21, 2008 EDT
Country Girl: to who/
mt pockets: i'm in love w/someone
helloitssue: there was even a priest
Mellonauta is here
Country Girl: oh what about rroll
Bradh56: will thre be poker babies?
helloitssue: lol rrroll is my brother
Mellonauta: ae boldo
Almenara: oooooollha
Country Girl: i want him~K?
Almenara: meellos
mt pockets: hahaha
helloitssue: yes we do have a son, Dodge
Mellonauta: acabei de perder 40 mil em uma jiogada
helloitssue: but dont tell hes a wanka
CeeJay is here
Country Girl: nooooooooooooo can i have him then???
Mellonauta: tinha um cara dando all in toda hora
Zeedogg is here
helloitssue: hes my bro and your my friend thats cool
Almenara: que merda heim
Country Girl: hiiiiiiiii CJ:)
helloitssue: go for it CG
mt pockets: you gals are a lot of fun
helloitssue: lol
helloitssue: girls just wanna have fun
Country Girl: hi Zee:)
Country Girl: okkkkkkk
helloitssue: sit in cg
Mellonauta: as duas vezes que ele deu all in tipo... as escuras sem nenhuma cartaq virada, o cara ganhou as duas bicho
helloitssue: lol
Bradh56: Can I be your cousins, best friends, ex-roomate?
Zeedogg: Hey Cg CJ
Mellonauta: tomar no cú!
mt pockets: some tables nobody says anything
CeeJay: hi hi, busy but will get on a lil later
helloitssue: you can be cousin Brad ok
helloitssue: i will let the others know lmao
Country Girl: ok CJ:)
usmc213 is here
Country Girl: hahahah sue
usmc213 has left
helloitssue: cousin Brad from Kansas
Mellonauta: o cara deu dois all ins seguidos e ganhou as duas vezes
Bradh56: lol
lolo58 is here
helloitssue: i will post this for the others lol
lolo58 has left
Mellonauta: impossívek

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