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Rabid Womble

"When I pray, and sometimes I do, I pray to myself. I pray that I can pull myself through. And if Im lucky, I answer myself."
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Suddenly wants his account back. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post holyharlequin 10:02 AM, Sunday January 17, 2010 EST
Banned at player's request. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post holyharlequin 10:00 AM, Sunday January 17, 2010 EST

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merhoops on Thursday August 9, 2012
damnit your good. You get a lot of mad props for that man. You better represent
Gurgi on Sunday December 6, 2009
forget about gurgi,the most prolific poster is back ,1 year away just isnt long enough
irish rover on Monday November 23, 2009
see you can remove posts about EVERTON?
""ENGLAND"" on Wednesday April 22, 2009
RW, All the smart money is on Man U to win it, but it's good to see a bit of lively competition. We're at Craven Cottage next time while you guys have Villa, should be interesting. Don't like this International break, but hopefully LFC will keep their good form and push your team till the final game of the season.
JulesDogg on Tuesday March 24, 2009
RW, if you need help dial 0845 414141. Recently updated to 0845 202020
JulesDogg on Saturday March 21, 2009
:Da very nice and good player:)
link4 on Sunday March 8, 2009
well now,my alter ego,lol
The Queer One on Tuesday March 3, 2009
There wasnt a full table!!You are busted,dont cry please------------------Rabid Womble: lol misst56: wooo hooo G misst56: oh and let me know RW will pay 100k to see the match misst56: ;) Rabid Womble: lol Rabid Womble: can watch for free mrs.observant player ;) misst56: WHAT!! misst56: lmao misst56: didnt know we were married misst56: hehe Rabid Womble: lol Gurgi: lol Rabid Womble: your married to observant player not me misst56: thought you were observant player? Rabid Womble: you know misst56: and MUTT and cityfox? willeke is here Rabid Womble: yeah misst56: lol a man of many faces ;) Rabid Womble: ;) Rabid Womble: im also WINNER ROBOT Rabid Womble: good aint i
Phil $ Ivey on Tuesday February 24, 2009
and as for the lunatics, well that just happens to be my fave fun boy three song! ha ha, bless all long snouted mammals
panties on Monday February 16, 2009
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