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dasfury: guess its impossible to teach a frenchman that failiing is not ok
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Fatman_x wrote
at 6:44 PM, Wednesday November 16, 2011 EST
fucking bastard! get your lazy ass back here again!
olkainry38 wrote
at 3:44 AM, Saturday May 28, 2011 EDT
what you wanna ball with the Olk
watch your step you might fall
trying to do what I did
no love for the haters
@Pink_Taco831 wrote
at 10:42 AM, Saturday February 12, 2011 EST
Hahaha I'll win it... but only if you pga me in it :P And maybe I'll give my 'twitter account' ( not kdice account) My 'twitter account' to someone who just so happens to play kdice. I don't think it's account sharing if I give them twitter password :P...
ANYWAAY I'll find someone who can play as me that's good and then find about 20 pga's then maybe.... MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE I could win it >.<
@Pink_Taco831 wrote
at 8:05 PM, Friday February 11, 2011 EST
Although you failed to win the friday 5's for me... I did not fail winning my tourney :P
@Pink_Taco831 finishes the tournament 1st and wins 3,895 <---- that was for you
barmat wrote
at 8:58 PM, Friday December 24, 2010 EST
merry christmas olks, i hope it is a really fun time for you
@Pink_Taco831 wrote
at 9:13 PM, Friday December 17, 2010 EST
You tell me to go back in the kitchen... I ask you what kind of sandwich you want!
at 12:34 AM, Saturday December 4, 2010 EST
Nice 27th ;]
at 4:05 PM, Friday November 26, 2010 EST
Double unrelated post fail, sorry olk. ALTHOUGH WE DO NEED YOU AND YOU ARE A COOL G, but not cool g. You know what I mean! xD I hope anyway..
at 4:02 PM, Friday November 26, 2010 EST
Really is a cool g :D
at 4:02 PM, Friday November 26, 2010 EST
We need you :P
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