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TLP wrote
at 2:14 PM, Thursday December 2, 2021 EST
Happy Birthday Suga Cube! Hope you have a great day *blows birthday kiss
TLP wrote
at 7:56 PM, Friday September 3, 2021 EDT
Hey Suga, Lomas plays only tournaments. Tournament stats are not included or shown on the stats page.
=O I just saw you beat to 11th place by less than 8k last month! lol, always got to be better ;) Good luck for Sept!
TLP wrote
at 6:45 PM, Thursday July 1, 2021 EDT
Hey there! Just saw your post on my wall from May :)
Bit sporadic when I play now but if I am on it's around 10pm ish UK time or maybe a Saturday or Sunday in the day if I am not busy around home.
Hope to catch up at the tables soon. Good Luck!
no ilpstick wrote
at 11:41 AM, Thursday April 26, 2012 EDT
Sugar, got a e-mail from "THE WIFE" this morning. I did not mean any thing other than being a friend. Thats it.
no ilpstick wrote
at 6:43 PM, Tuesday April 24, 2012 EDT
Hey sugar, sugar, ive missed your sweet little paws, hehe. talk later I hope
no ilpstick wrote
at 2:33 PM, Tuesday April 24, 2012 EDT
So good to hear from you my friend! See you at the tables.
no ilpstick wrote
at 1:04 AM, Friday April 13, 2012 EDT
sweet sugar. hope all is well! take care buddy
no ilpstick wrote
at 1:24 AM, Wednesday April 11, 2012 EDT
hey sug whats up? you ok buddy?
no ilpstick wrote
at 2:23 AM, Thursday April 5, 2012 EDT
hey there sugar pie, missed you tonite~ later gater,lol
no ilpstick wrote
at 12:13 AM, Wednesday April 4, 2012 EDT
ty Sweet Sugar! hope april good to you twO! thanks for all your support! see you at the tables!
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