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Vermont wrote
at 6:19 PM, Monday December 12, 2011 EST
Hey man! Good to hear from you. I hope all is well.
nuflis wrote
at 6:02 PM, Monday February 16, 2009 EST
I was going to post a goodbye thread, but I don't feel like sharing my thoughts with this community.

gg Dan
potato27 wrote
at 11:13 AM, Wednesday December 31, 2008 EST
BMD we miss your commentating!!!!!!!
Vermont wrote
at 7:39 AM, Friday October 24, 2008 EDT
Hey bud - where you been?
hatty wrote
at 2:41 AM, Friday August 8, 2008 EDT
I agree with DM too
Grunvagr wrote
at 7:42 PM, Sunday June 15, 2008 EDT
I hope the new Batman movie doesnt suck. Too bad the joker went and died.. now on the fluke chance he's as good as Jack... we'll never see a sequel.
BatmanDan wrote
at 8:30 PM, Thursday June 5, 2008 EDT
feel free to write to me!
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