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panties wrote
at 8:43 AM, Wednesday September 9, 2009 EDT
hay! or should i say bamboo? you lazy git! i have been here twice this month, where the hell are you panda boy?
panties wrote
at 10:46 AM, Monday August 10, 2009 EDT
dancing panda?? hmmm... i think you are hiding from me mister....

present yourself now!
panties wrote
at 8:03 PM, Wednesday August 5, 2009 EDT
ha ha, like i held a knife to your throat. i'll catch up with you soon mister... be very frightened! panties x
vikkib33 wrote
at 4:09 PM, Friday July 24, 2009 EDT
Heey JJ, ty for the add, i got your post through my e-mail but it didnae land on my wall :((

Yes i am indeed a piss head like my bestest Aussie pal Jan lol :D And it's feckin great :D

See ya on the tables soon dude, be lucky and keep on havin fun :) x
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