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In Gpokr, as in life .................. ALWAYS expect the unexpected!!!!
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Recognized on 9:17 PM, Saturday October 31, 2009 EDT by These cards suck
Winner of Best Halloween Avatar.

Congrats. :)

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you are such a darlin sweet girl..just saw the post on no.one account ty bunches hugz lynn
777up on Saturday December 31, 2011
Vik is back on line :)) Will see all my lovely friends very soon, have missed you all xox
vikkib33 on Friday May 21, 2010
Ueban dictionary, defination of my name ...... Vikki - A spazzy, hyper-active girl. Liked by most people, but has the usual couple enemies. A girl who has the mind of a male, and loves to make perverted jokes when she can. A lover of games, and the computer, but still very cute. I swear, Vikki has such an odd personality, but she's so random. ...... Ha, try it and see what it says about your name! :D
vikkib33 on Wednesday February 3, 2010
If Carlsberg made friends, they'd still not be as lovely as you ;)) Congrats on your awesome tourney win. Was great playing with you.. You are now officially an exclusive member of the 3,6 club :D xox
Rhiosace on Saturday December 5, 2009
Best final hand in tourney .... ever lol IMHO!!! .... Starting Hand ....... Dealing pocket cards: [3h, 6h] Rhiosace raises $10,400 vikkib33 calls Dealing flop: [Ts, 6d, 5c] Dealing turn: [Qh] Dealing river: [6c] vikkib33 shows [3h, 6h] for three sixs Rhiosace shows [Td, Js] for two pair, tens and sixs vikkib33 wins main pot $24,000 Rhiosace finishes the tournament 2nd and wins $45,000 Rhiosace stands up vikkib33 finishes the tournament 1st and wins $75,000 vikkib33 stands up ..... VGG rhiooo :) fave v fave in reverse lol! xoxo
vikkib33 on Saturday December 5, 2009
Awwwwwww Vikk, Im sure I will have my fair share of bubbles. You know they love us. :o)
*Dont Be Mad* on Saturday October 3, 2009
2nd day of Oct ........... Maddie 0 Vikki 4 .... :( ........ Damnnnnnn bubbbleeeeeee, it's pooooooooo.
vikkib33 on Saturday October 3, 2009
September 2009 Rank 239th......... Chips $99,999 ...........Couldn't hit that again if i tried lol, now i don't wanna spend any !! :D
vikkib33 on Monday September 21, 2009
<<<<<< She's a bad wench and needs Keelhaulled swiftly :(
Same Old Vik :P on Saturday September 19, 2009
I came 11th outta 70 players in pub poker league! Hmmmm is this good? I wanted to go to final, then the cash started.... bugger n hell!
vikkib33 on Sunday September 13, 2009
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