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This player has been modded by the community

reinstated +play TLP 12:40 PM, Sunday December 18, 2011 EST
. suspend play to boot from table as know has gone for nap -play TLP 12:39 PM, Sunday December 18, 2011 EST
restored +chat JulesDogg 8:47 AM, Sunday May 3, 2009 EDT
requested by player -chat JulesDogg 4:07 PM, Friday May 1, 2009 EDT
Suspension released as per initial ban saying til 1st April. Please dont do it this month! +play TLP 11:34 AM, Wednesday April 1, 2009 EDT
Play suspended until April 1st due to chip transfer to another player KPMG. As per http://www.gpokr.com/discussion/topics/44774245 This is a breach of the game rules and your second recorded offence. -play Lei 5:05 AM, Saturday March 14, 2009 EDT
Ban has been lifted from previous actions. Per Feb 5th, to be lifted Please adhere to the rules. Thank you. +play annat 5:20 AM, Thursday February 5, 2009 EST
Suspended from play for one week until the 5th Feb for transferring chips, which is prohibited as per the Rules page. -play Lei 8:41 PM, Wednesday January 28, 2009 EST

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Bro come back soon...... need some noob lessons
RutttOh on Wednesday May 15, 2013
The only time I can win is when you are suspended..... and you get suspended for giving me chips.... go figure.... hahahahaha....miss ya bro come back soon
grump on Thursday May 2, 2013
Hi fella get well soon snoods
Snoods on Wednesday May 1, 2013
Total loud mouth bitch whore, who only has a potty mouth but sadly lacks a brain. Thinks he is the wittiest human since Oscar Wilde, but the only thing they have in common is that they both like to have their poop hole filled with man love. End of story, total asswipe !!!! Give it 5 minutes and will be banned again.
bingo au go go on Monday January 2, 2012
I have done nothing to u , i don't understand why u have suddenly turned on me? i only asked u a question. u mess me about with the answer, then when i explain this too u you just laugh. then the next day u clean me out of chips at the table. it just seems to me that u wanted to fall out.. but why?
ssuper pebble3 on Wednesday June 24, 2009
mark07 shows [7c, Ad] for four sevens Johnjo shows [Ts, 6s] for a full house, sevens full of sixs mark07 wins main pot $1,650
777up on Monday May 11, 2009
"pebble" finishes the tournament 1st and wins $48,000
"pebble" on Thursday April 23, 2009
---pebble5 on Friday April 10, 2009
good player !
odnexa1 on Tuesday March 17, 2009
Hey Mark07... Before I go back and play on the tables... Just want to say Merry Christmas and Thank you for your support or help in getting unblocked. Cheers, Deano
Deano Supremo on Wednesday December 24, 2008
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