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Recognized on 10:33 PM, Monday November 2, 2015 EST by Hammster
very informative reply to rigged site,I agree 100%
Thank You for contribution to this site.

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reinstated +chat +play +post gnice37 11:56 PM, Thursday June 2, 2016 EDT
playing multiple accts again...one at tourney, one at regular tables -chat -play -post gnice37 5:31 PM, Sunday May 29, 2016 EDT

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I agree with the rat and the bath. The site rng is only pseudo random, not real random. Ryan should read that WHOLE rigged thread and use my advice from it, and my connections, to do something about it. But he won't because this whole sites ethos (now) is do the least amount of work possible, for the least expense. Which is probably why spa hasn't even logged on in 5 years lmfao. There is zero ambition here, and there are 101 excuses for it. Everyone has been brainwashed to believe they deserve no better. Ryan reminds me everyday why I got into business myself. The money/competentition (not a word) is easier than playing poker. But unfortunately this place won't even cover costs soon, if mods are so lost for direction they're replying to people who haven't logged on in years lol. I agree that if people don't like it here they should leave (I'm not 1 of them). I would also agree, that if mods don't have the guts to post in any threads whatsoever but only to dormant accounts then this site needs more work than everyone already says.
Rerazor on Tuesday November 3, 2015
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