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"Under certain circumstances, profanity provides relief denied even to prayer." - Mark Twain
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reinstate for when next in :) +play TLP 7:59 AM, Sunday October 10, 2010 EDT
booting as away and losing blinds -play TLP 7:59 AM, Sunday October 10, 2010 EDT

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She is an excellent player, although she has not ben playing lately.
oxides on Monday May 21, 2012
good kitty... rub rub rub pet and pat...
Beat10BAD on Tuesday August 3, 2010
nice win imatiger!!!
koolboy357 on Monday August 2, 2010
Happy birthday - hope its good.
YamahaGirl on Sunday May 18, 2008
Nice, no refills so far... so proud... and by the way... top 1 most beautiful girls right here.
NutzKiller on Thursday May 15, 2008
she's awesome. and quite cute. i'd say among the top 1000 cutest girls on gpokr. at least top 2000. i need relief from homework.
imatiger on Tuesday April 29, 2008
Will you marry me? Joanne said no :(
ThamesBoy on Monday April 21, 2008
Great player and an even better person to talk to (mainly when she aint multitasking :D) Make sure you have a lot of time available to wait for a hello aswell :)) Im enjoy London if thats at all possible!
Rabid Womble on Sunday April 20, 2008
yeah! umm... what are we talkin about?
StevenL on Wednesday March 5, 2008
hmm. ithink there should be a way to delete derogatory comments unrelated to playing.
imatiger on Wednesday March 5, 2008
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