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i am addicted to gpokr
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Recognized on 9:24 PM, Saturday July 23, 2011 EDT by lynnmay
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anymore transferring and it will be 30 day ban...final warning +play gnice37 8:03 PM, Friday November 10, 2017 EST
banned for transferring w/ tableofidiotsr, dmagoo, kissmycrackyahoo -play gnice37 4:32 PM, Friday November 3, 2017 EDT
please follow the rules.. next time will result in a longer ban then 30 days +chat +play +post gnice37 2:42 PM, Friday February 13, 2015 EST
evidence of playing multiple accts at same table. banned till feb 1st. proof is on players wall -chat -play -post gnice37 2:24 PM, Tuesday January 13, 2015 EST
please remember the rules. thx +chat +play +post gnice37 10:00 PM, Friday October 31, 2014 EDT
after a second warning you still didn't listen. you can not play 2 accts at same time. -chat -play -post gnice37 11:25 AM, Saturday October 11, 2014 EDT
please follow the rules. next time will be a longer ban +chat +play +post gnice37 12:59 PM, Wednesday October 1, 2014 EDT
caught transferring aamike and his alt acct letsdothis069 -chat -play -post gnice37 12:33 PM, Monday September 29, 2014 EDT
reinstated +chat TLP 5:26 PM, Thursday February 7, 2013 EST
Player requested he is muted til end Feb. Anyone can unmute at his request. -chat TLP 5:17 PM, Wednesday February 6, 2013 EST
reset +chat +post These cards suck 5:08 PM, Friday January 22, 2010 EST
Mute for 7-10 days -chat -post -avatar These cards suck 3:49 PM, Friday January 22, 2010 EST

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Hey hey this is ramu the great American Mexican alien hacker philosopher musician writer fighter eater lawyer
Ramu the hacker on Friday May 1, 2020
aamike is here Bucktooth: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bucktooth: lag mike? aamike: nope colts3064 has left Bucktooth: why so slow? aamike: becase i can an i no you get pissed Bucktooth: don't start with that shit mike Bucktooth is here aamike is here aamike: your stupid Bucktooth: stop following me u weirdo aamike: nope Bucktooth is here Bucktooth: you need to seek help Bucktooth is here Bucktooth: you need to seek help aamike: no you do Bucktooth: you are following mw u idiot aamike: hahaha your nobody Bucktooth: why are you folloing me ? terry12 has left aamike: asshole terry12 has left Bucktooth: stfu Bucktooth: werdo Bucktooth: follow me again and i report you Bucktooth is here prita has left aamike is here Bucktooth: you were warned
Bucktooth on Wednesday June 3, 2015
if you continue to break the rules. I will continue to ban your accts. I asked nicely and you continue to not listen
gnice37 on Saturday October 11, 2014
tonto69 checks aamike checks Dealing turn: [Ts] tonto69 checks aamike bets $5,240 tonto69 folds aamike wins main pot $77,240 Starting Hand tonto69 folds aamike wins main pot $300 tonto69 stands up tonto69 takes a seat Starting Hand aamike calls tonto69 checks Dealing flop: [8h, Js, 9h] tonto69 checks aamike checks Dealing turn: [6h] tonto69 checks aamike bets $15,000 tonto69 folds aamike wins main pot $15,400 Starting Hand tonto69 raises $17,346 aamike calls Dealing flop: [Kh, Tc, Qs] Dealing turn: [5c] Dealing river: [4h] tonto69 shows [7h, 6d] for King high aamike shows [Qd, Th] for two pair, Queens and tens aamike wins main pot $34,892 tonto69 stands up
simon pipehole on Friday February 8, 2013
raptorssss on Saturday August 6, 2011
aamike calls Rattus calls bunnyboi calls ml..... folds flo-flo folds Darwin is King folds Esmo calls ogrillon11 checks Dealing flop: [9s, 3d, Qc] Esmo checks ogrillon11 checks aamike bets $3,000 Rattus calls bunnyboi folds Esmo folds ogrillon11 folds Dealing turn: [5d] aamike bets $3,000 Rattus calls Dealing river: [8d] aamike bets $1,000 flo-flo stands up Rattus raises $13,000 Sylvain. takes a seat aamike sits out aamike folds Rattus wins main pot $31,000 Mike, you really put me on flush draw. CALLING THAT IS A N00B READ WOULD BE UNDERSTATING!
Rattus on Friday November 20, 2009
mark07 talking bout you "mark07: i never spoke to him after last month he had 1.6mil on last day and never giveme a yenna" seems your friendship was based on chips. The beatles got it wrong - money can buy you love.
The Jam on Tuesday November 18, 2008
hi buddy here is my phone number 01515473511 phone me say hello give me your number put phone down and ill call you rite back laters gl
mark07 on Tuesday October 28, 2008
Snorbo on Monday September 29, 2008
hey buddy keep it up nice job becarefull play safe anyway i just got cesar fore 300k love it see you soon gl mark
robbie07 on Tuesday June 17, 2008
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