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the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance - 'socrates'
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fat cow on Tuesday December 21, 2010
Lei... on Wednesday October 20, 2010
Since I joined this site I've had a lot of fun with panties.
Johnjo on Thursday July 23, 2009
who r u to leave a post on my wall me and Lblack r great together so dont ever think u r better then me
fatchick1 on Saturday May 16, 2009
((((((Jan)))))) be happy hun, i've left you a post. Love ya xxo
vikkib33 on Monday March 9, 2009
no panties i do not jest, some years ago here in england there were HEDGEHOG flavoured crisps read this....... Hedgehog Flavoured Crisps : In the UK in 1981, Hedgehog Foods Ltd decided, as a joke, to produce Hedgehog flavoured crisps (potato chips). To everyone's surprise, the crisps were a huge success. Hedgehog flavoured crisps were actually flavoured with pork fat and no hedgehogs were used in the manufacturing process. Consequently, it wasn't long before Hedgehog Foods Ltd was in court (1982), up against the Office of Fair Trading, on a charge of false advertising. Bizarrely, a settlement was finally reached when Mr Lewis, of Hedgehog Foods, interviewed gypsies who actually did eat baked hedgehogs, to ascertain the flavour of hedgehogs. Mr Lewis then commissioned a flavourings firm to duplicate the flavour as closely as possible and changed the labels from "hedgehog flavoured" to "hedgehog flavour" and all interests were satisfied!
***pebble*** on Sunday March 1, 2009
Thanks panties, always good to have a fan :). It's a shame this site is such a shambles now, allowing the lunatics to run the asylum never works out.
Rabid Womble on Monday February 16, 2009
i just read my reviews ... thanks for the good thoughts on obama-day i hope melbourne is a joy, and that includes both the gallery stuff and all of the after-parties
gummo on Sunday November 23, 2008
hi sexy panties sorry I dont get to see much of you these days will try at the w/ends take care..FOX
stamp on Friday October 10, 2008
1.234.56775 on Thursday October 9, 2008
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