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im from england birmingham
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NH and well played,Hope you get that 1st medal,you deserve it!
myerlyn on Thursday October 29, 2009
hey wayne, thanks for being there for me, means a lot. take care hon.xx
panties on Thursday May 29, 2008
Waynne~ what can I say? I adore you and appreciate you so much!! Best of luck always:) xoxxoxooxoxoxox
Country Girl on Wednesday May 28, 2008
Hi Waynne i see you are doing as well as i am, lol, well good luck next month. xoxox
helloitssue on Tuesday May 27, 2008
hi wayne, best of luck this month, take care and i ll see ya around. jan
panties on Friday May 2, 2008
Waynne...thanks for the note. Great playing with you as well. Hope to see ya soon!!! Take care and good luck
annat on Wednesday April 30, 2008
AWWW Waynne you are so nice, and fun to play poker with...:)
helloitssue on Tuesday April 29, 2008
Hi Waynne! Miss YA!
Country Girl on Monday February 4, 2008
thanks for the note wayne it was great playing with you! take care of yr lady shes special!
Lei on Monday January 28, 2008
Hi Waynne! Hope you are doing well!! Take good care of your sweet girl! She is a doll! Good luck to you two in everything--especially Gpokr and the real game called LIFE!!
Country Girl on Sunday January 27, 2008
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