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laammaa wrote
at 4:25 PM, Saturday November 21, 2009 EST

Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3c, 3d]
LaMaga folds
Pompeio folds
Pompeio sits out
Pompeio stands up
laammaa raises $15,300
dr. zoidberg 69 folds
play93 calls
mark07 raises $19,900
nodice4u folds
play93 calls
Dealing flop: [Ts, 7d, 8h]
Dealing turn: [3s]
Dealing river: [3h]
play93 shows [Tc, 7c] for two pair, tens and sevens
mark07 shows [Kd, Jd] for a pair of threes
laammaa shows [3c, 3d] for four threes
laammaa wins main pot $46,700
play93 wins side pot $9,000
mark07 stands up
laammaa wrote
at 2:06 PM, Monday July 27, 2009 EDT
laammaa shows [9c, Ac] for three nines
Jimmy385 shows [9h, 2h] for a full house, nines full of twos
Jimmy385 wins main pot $206,000
laammaa stands up
laammaa wrote
at 3:06 PM, Saturday July 25, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [3h, 8h]
2prong.com raises $300
laammaa calls
shlomy777 calls
braininavat calls
marti15 folds
scphillips calls
goransky1 calls
FolkLore calls
Dealing flop: [6h, 7h, Th]
goransky1 checks
FolkLore checks
2prong.com bets $400
laammaa raises $900
braininavat calls
scphillips raises $1,400
goransky1 folds
FolkLore calls
CraigMack takes a seat
2prong.com calls
laammaa raises $3,000
braininavat folds
scphillips calls
FolkLore calls
Dealing turn: [9d]
FolkLore checks
scphillips checks
Dealing river: [2d]
FolkLore checks
scphillips checks
scphillips shows [Ad, 9h] for a pair of nines
FolkLore shows [Jh, 4s] for Jack high
2prong.com shows [Ac, Qd] for Ace high
laammaa shows [3h, 8h] for a flush ten high
shlomy777 shows [8d, 7d] for a straight ten high
laammaa wins main pot $700
laammaa wins side pot $5,575
laammaa wins side pot $9,100
2prong.com stands up
shlomy777 stands up
laammaa wrote
at 11:57 AM, Sunday June 14, 2009 EDT
Dealing pocket cards: [Td, Tc]
el_diablo66 folds
katingou2 calls
king benna! folds
laammaa raises $4,200
LaMaga folds
crazy 8s calls
henkie2600 folds
Ray Patterson folds
katingou2 calls
Dealing flop: [Ts, Th, 6c]
katingou2 checks
laammaa bets $1,649
crazy 8s folds
katingou2 calls
Dealing turn: [Qd]
katingou2 checks
laammaa bets $2,600
katingou2 calls
Dealing river: [9c]
katingou2 bets $1,600
laammaa raises $8,000
katingou2 folds
laammaa wins main pot $33,098
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